Mistreatment of prisoners at TRCI

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[Abuse] [Two Rivers Correctional Institution] [Oregon]

Mistreatment of prisoners at TRCI

First off I want to say that we are sentenced to prison for punishment but each day is a struggle inside these walls. The officers treat us like we’re the scum of the earth and find ways to punish us every single day. I have been in prison for 15 years and am serving life without parole for a murder that I didn’t commit but the justice system doesn’t go by facts only falsehood by the good ole boys. I can’t even go an hour without the pigs trying to set me up for whatever.

I have been a gangbanger since I was 10 and dropped out in 2009, so by doing that the pigs think I’m gonna just roll over and do whatever. I have a few staff assaults and they always win since they work together to make our days bad.

There has been almost 20 deaths at this prison since 2015 and the medical here won’t help until we file lawsuits. Their prescription for everything is ibuprofen and gargle salt water so there’s a lot of viruses and diseases going around this prison.