No Protection against Rape in Texas

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No Protection against Rape in Texas

I'm trying not to file on the law library because they handle my indigent mail, but they are denying me access to courts because I've asked them to send me an additional 30 sheets of paper so I can write out a motion for Tort claim and make a carbon copy for my records and they've refused to send it. Also they hold folders we send indigent correspondence and get supplies in for 3-4 days and as a result they are denying us access to mail letters 3 times a week and get supplies on our days to get supplies. I'm sending the warden a I-60. I've already wrote Huntsville, TX, TDCJ Headquarters, to try to resolve it without putting my name in the mix but I've about had enough.

Do you have any small claim Tort motions for Texas? If so I need them. The one I got I'm not sure if it's correct. I'm filing this Tort because on August 17th and early morning hours of the 18th, 2018 I was raped by my cell mate. Since the cell was "claimed a crime scene," I was not able to get my property. The assailant was left in the cell for who knows how long. My JHL manual and the Texas supplement issue were stolen along with a few other items. I am indigent and the pen-pal that bought them for me no longer writes me. I need these books to advocate for myself and others. I wish I some other books named in that censorship packet.

Ok you with me? I was pulled out like 2 months ago they said the DNA came back and my DNA was found on me but not on him or the sheets. When I went to the medical dept. after reporting it I told them I'd wiped myself because I had grease on me and feces and I threw it at the head of my bed but none of it was gathered nor my wash cloth or anything just sheets on my bed where the assault happened.

Now check this out on March 21st, 2017 I was sexually assaulted in Michael Unit. That DNA still has not come back. Now tell me how this can happen?