Pennsylvania Prisoner Pay Doesn't Keep Up with Inflation

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Pennsylvania Prisoner Pay Doesn't Keep Up with Inflation

The cost of living has really gone up everywhere, and this also includes in the prisons. With the cost of living the way it is due to inflation, I fail to comprehend why the pays for prisoners never go up to make it easier for us to afford the higher costs to survive? I know that out in society whenever the cost of living goes up due to inflation so does our income and of course I am referring to low-income people – people on Social Security Income (SSI) or Social Security(SS) or struggling on Welfare.

Well in prisons we don’t make anywhere near what is made on SSI or SS or even Welfare for that matter. In Pennsylvania prisons we cannot make more than 42 cents an hour depending on your job. Blockworks are not to make more than 25 cents an hour, but I make 38 cents an hour because it was supposed to carry over from my previous location at SCI Fayette. Although I had to fight to make sure I kept 38 cents because they tried to start me over at GLJ and then at 19 cents an hour again. I was not having it. I was not going to let them screw me over like that. Bad enough I had to put up with sexual harassment at SCI Fayette.

Now C.I. workers can make up to 51 cents an hour but still since the prices of commissary has gone up due to inflation I think that all prisoners with jobs should be given pay rate rises to help with the new higher costs of living in the prison population. It is much harder to keep up with the financial strain. I have been poor all my life so I am used to having to live/fight with my money but not everyone is able to a adjust in such a manner every time the cost of living goes through the ceiling. But even with that said, I have always been able to adjust because with the rise in the cost of living I always had a slight raise in my monthly income to meet the adjustment of the rise in living cost every year but in prison the cost of living goes up but our pay rates never do.