Prisoners Punished for Writing Grievances in Dalhart Texas

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Prisoners Punished for Writing Grievances in Dalhart Texas

I wanna thank you and everyone that have supported offenders in their struggle from within. The Texas Pack has helped me more than anything I could find in the law library. It’s still a struggle in here when you file grievance on the staff of this Unit. I have been harassed and retaliated against because I chose to stand up for my rights and fight by filing grievances and helping others to do the same.

I don’t like how staff punish offenders or harass us because we choose to write grievances on their misconduct, but it’s okay for them to do this to us. Here are some of the things they do to me here at Dalhart Unit. I recently was placed in medium custody because I was defending myself from being assaulted. I put in for law library and every day I asked if they are doing extra time and every time it’s a “no.” One day I decided to look at the log sheet where we sign in and out. I noticed in the log sheet that the officer had written “no offender requested extra time.” I have asked for extra time every day and this officer is stating no offender has requested extra time.

The most recent one is the Warden. Warden Jeter was harassing me for having my legs crossed while sitting. When I said that I feel like I’m being harassed, he got mad and locked me up in AdSeg, in the shower, then told his officer I was engaging in a sexual act. No disciplinary was written, but I did write a grievance on his harassment and retaliation.

This is a struggle for me and I pray God to give me the strength to continue to fight for what’s right. I have two 1983 on the Warden and his ranking officers.

Before I forget, would you so please send me TDCJ Offender Grievance Operation Manual and the Federal Petition (or anything that will help me with my fight.) Thank You! I know I can’t stop I just need help.