Racial Targeting and Retaliation in North Kern

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Racial Targeting and Retaliation in North Kern

I filed a 602 [grievance form] on the North Kern state prison CDCR employees for threats against me, for them soliciting my murder, institutional racism, etc. Right after I had the interview for this 602/grievance the C.O.’s opened my cell door and let three of their agent provocateur inmates into my cell where we started fighting. At the end of the fight the C.O.’s kicked me in the face and the C.O.’s punched me while I was on the ground proned out, cuffed.

Later on on the patio the C.O.’s sprayed me with MK-9 chemical agent, cuffed me up again drug me to a different holding cell. Once in that holding cell they grabbed me by my dreadlocks and my neck and forced my head under the water that was running. They did this up to the point of loss of oxygen while calling me racial epithets. The C.O’s did this in front of other C.O.’s who have a duty to be mandated reporters but they did not do or say anything about it. Subsequently I was thrown in the Ad-Seg Unit and given two trumped up RVR’s [rules violation charges]; one for fighting and one for assault on a peace officer. I have been assailed by a fringe group of C.O.’s/Nurses/CDCR employees. They’ve given me approximately 19 RVRs to max out my release date. I had already pre-warned the CDCR that these people were assailing me, and the reasons why.

Racial/political targeting is clearly prohibited under state and federal law. Committing crimes of conspiracy, soliciting murder and obstruction of justice are too, but the C.O. corruption runs deep. I believe this is the same collusive methods used on other individuals with like minds.

The freedom of speech and debate clause protects grievants from retaliations for writing grievances and what they say. The CDCR unwillingness to investigate and prosecute corruption in an effective fair and transparent manner is why they are obsessed with covering up things in the interest of keeping their finger off the deed, regarding serious allegations on their part as well as their racist C.O. gang Greenwall cultures engaging in fraudulent and unlawful activities against me for their benefactors.

These CDCR Employees harass me on a daily basis in some type of way. I have been the subject of faux cell moves, tampering with my legal mail, excessive use of force and I am an ADA who was shot by the Los Angeles Sheriff Department - Compton Division in 2018 and I use a walker to ambulate. Just on 10 August 2022 they MK-9 chemical agent gassed me out of the cell I am assigned to by the state forced a strip search on me and confiscated all of my legal documents and legal books. They’ve falsified documents, arbitrarily and maliciously classified me. They’ve threatened to have me shot by the tower guards. I am being targeted censored and harassed with impunity.

The capitalist of the CDCR(California Dept. of Corruption and Repression) have been utilizing their agent provocateur/snitches against me overtly and covertly. Housing me around their operatives who have a motive of creating false narratives tying me to things I have absolutely nothing to do with. All the while aiding a people who are attempting to compile falsehoods to co-opt my freedom and lifestyle. This is just a small portion of what’s going on dealing with this white power structure of imperialism being a pro-Black male.