Rats, Roaches, and Retaliation

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Rats, Roaches, and Retaliation

I received the unconfirmed mail form last week and am replying back to you all. I have not received the indicated items (The Autobiography of Malcolm X and tips on writing for ULK) from you all. There corrupt prison officials are implementing all types of censorship tactics which unequivocally violate our First Amendment rights.

They have implemented a program called Tier II which is a strategy to atrociously inflict cruel and unusual punishment based upon past disciplinary sanctions and redress of retaliation methods by diabolically corrupt prison authorities when you file grievances against them. This program restricts you from having reading materials, newspapers, and/or magazines until you reach a certain phase.

The living condition are inhumane and unsanitary which further violates our protected constitutional rights. In fact I have killed a huge roach and sent it to the Eleventh Circuit Court as an exhibit in one of my lawsuits. A judge called Warden Gregory McLaughlin retaliated by having the Correctional Emergency Reponse Team recklessly search my property and have me repeat phase one as a vindictive retaliation method.

I recently killed a rat and attempted to send it to the U.S. Supreme Court but they intercepted it to prevent the truth from being exposed about the inhumane and unsanitary living conditions. An associate/roommate did the same by exterminating another rat and of course they retaliated by putting me in a strip cell and illegally confiscating all my legal materials for days.