Rebellion Against Abuse is Needed

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[Abuse] [Maryland]

Rebellion Against Abuse is Needed

Inmates have no rights of due process inside of prison, and the administration always sides with the word of a correctional officer, even if they are proven to be lying or have done wrong. Some violated rights that all inmates across the country suffer from while in prison are denial of visits if family members who have traveled a long way are even a minute late, denied showers to prisoners, denied phone calls, cut recreation time and frequently used unprofessional and foul language when talking to prisoners.

This is oppression on top of already being oppressed. Demand in solidarity from all prisoners across the country is needed. Demand of an independent investigation, separate from the prison administration, of conditions inside prison. A crucial aspect of such an investigation should include members of the communities being able to conduct uncensored interviews with inmates in order to gather information without the prisoners facing retaliation. Now is the time for all of us to rise up together in solidarity in all prisons as well as our outside forces who have the ability to protest. My dream is to see 1000 people outside this prison with t-shirts, signs and banners while the gangs inside prison are strategically mobilized by political leaders such as myself to overthrow this oppression and reach the demand of due process in all prisons for prisoners. If we don't take a stand now, all institutions will change for the worse.

Rebellion is the only possible outcome given mistreatment from correctional officers inhumane conditions in prison and the administrations refusal to investigate.