Regular Lockdown in New Mexico

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[Abuse] [New Mexico]

Regular Lockdown in New Mexico

While oppression in prison is nothing new and far from shocking, the current situation in the New Mexico prison system is not only shocking but also comical due to the ridiculousness.

Allow me to explain. Due to a budget shortfall in the New Mexico corrections department (NMCD), all state-run prisons in New Mexico are placed on a week long lockdown every month. This lockdown is said to be cost-cutting allowing the NMCD to continue functioning.

Yet even with the NMCD in this "dire" circumstance the state legislature is passing new laws enacting new mandatory minimums. Programs previously offered to prisoners allowing them to collect good time lump sums and result in an early release have been taken away.

Lastly, NMCD has placed all prisoners labeled as gang members into restrictive custody housing (level 4). This custody is costly in comparison to general population. In addition to being costly, this move is prejudicial. Only prisoners from California or having ties to California are subject to this action. Disciplinary history, charges, etc. have no bearing on the decision and most prisoners in this situation have years of clear conduct.

Level 4 is usually reserved for prisoners whose actions are considered problematic. However as I said the "California" label is all they are going off.