Texas killing, abusing and covering up

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[Abuse] [Jester III Unit] [Texas]

Texas killing, abusing and covering up

I’m writing to update you all of the ongoing mistreatment, abusive and unconstitutional behavior of the TDCJ prison system. Yes, this out-of-date prison system still openly promote slavery, personal vindictive retaliation upon any prisoner(s) a prison staff want to, for any reason, and allow prisoners to die due to gross negligence or officer(s) is allowed to just kill us.

I often ponder about if the Texas tax-payers could actually see what goes on inside the Texas prison system though hidden cameras. They would seen a 72 years old prisoner get his head slammed against a Brick wall and slammed to the concrete floor, causing the poor old man to scream in pain and bleed from a serious head injury. All because the 72 years old guy throw his ID card on the floor after an abusive officer demanded it. Tax-payers will see how 68 years of age Marshell Raney, was continuously denied medical care up to his death 1-19-18. They would see, Donald Loosier discharging blood for months, crying from pain of a softball size hernia and untreated hepatitis that caused his death last month 9-6-18. I have personally witnessed many preventable deaths here at the Jester3 Unit, but I have heard of so many more.

It’s no doubt to me now, TDCJ Administrative Staff are trained to lie, to cover the truth and conceal any their or staff members wrongdoings. The deceased prisoner(s) family never find out what really happen leading to the deceased death. There is too many policies, regulations and Federal Court orders that has been set in place, prison officials blatantly disregard because they know they will be protected by their Malfeasance Wardens and Directors. I have tried to help numerous fellow prisoners file grievances, write out court claims, etc. I have suffered much retaliation from prison staff, from being unjustly placed in solitary confinement, bogus disciplinary reports, being transferred to 5 different prison units, taking my legal books and property, etc. I don’t consider myself a Jailhouse lawyer, but I have filed 2 federal lawsuits, only one got dismissed. I’m still willing to keep the fight alive, fearing only the creator of everything!

I have completed 7 years of a 10 year sentence, and up for parole again hoping they will grant me parole, so I can start a Texas Prisoners Transformation Advocacy. I feel this is greatly needed for the Black, Brown and poor White people coming out of Texas prison, unrehabilitated, with no family or financial support. The capitalism’s parasitic greed, with the genocidal tendencies against Blacks, Hispanics and disenfranchised Whites need immediate help to properly establish themselves into society once released from a diabolic prison system. I will need to join with like minded people to find my best avenue to get a effective and Successful Advocacy up and going. I greatly appreciate the MIM organization, have helped me and many others know and understand there are people who are true humanitarians around this world. MIM Newsletter is a good educational tool, current events and a reading enjoyment to incarcerated people. Please keep up the good and Honorable work!