Texas Stalling Grievances

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Texas Stalling Grievances

As I am experiencing a current issue with the Grievance process, I would like to join the Campaign that is available in Texas. Right now I have submitted a grievance over Due Process and Access to Courts violations. They have now given notice to an extra 40 days to respond properly which I feel is a stall tactic.

I am currently battling over the property policy within the TDCJ. As it sits, policy only allows for a closeable container to store property of “no more than 2.0 cubic feet” with no wiggle room in the language. Well the facility I was at provided boxes 2x the allowed size and during lock-down when they shook down and tried to make a few of us send property home due to policy, I wrote a grievance on the ambiguity of the policy. I caught a hellwind of retaliation for it and then was transferred before my two years were up.

In need of the Petition for the Grievance Campaign and if I can get extra copies I would be glad to help spread the word. I do not have the ability to make copies myself. The TDCJ does not provide this service. Thank You.