Theft of Indigent Supplies at Wynne

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Theft of Indigent Supplies at Wynne

I am requesting a copy or two of the criminal sworn complaint so I can file criminal charges against two TDCJ-CID staff members on this unit (Wynne) that I am incarcerated on. These two staff members who work in the Wynne Unit Law library are denying me weekly indigent supplies and sessions to attend the law library to do research. About 3 months now I haven't been able to write letters to my family or legal activists in the free world.

I have had two investigations conducted on this unit law library now by the Mayor's Office and the Access to Courts Office in Huntsville, TX. Nothing has been done to these law library offices yet. The inmate clerks have been stealing or shall I say been given the indigent supplies by the officers so they can sell the supplies to other inmates on their cell blocks for commissary items (food). The indigent supplies consist of typing paper, pens, envelopes, plain, brown legal envelopes and stamps. These officials and inmates are trying to cover up the theft ring by charging the supplies to me and other offenders.

The Prison and Jail Operations Director has sent a copy of my complaint to the Unit Senior Warden, Rocky Moore, to investigate and resolve now. I had an interview with the warden last Friday and he said he would see into it and resolve the problem. So for now I got to traffic and trade in order to get mail and letters out to the free world agencies and my family and lawyers. So these sworn complaint forms will be my next move to prosecute the crooked staff members on this unit. All help is Appreciated and Accepted at this time.