Unsanitary Food Conditions

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[Abuse] [Larry Gist State Jail] [Texas]

Unsanitary Food Conditions

Hi. Well vatos, the grievance department is fucked up and the kitchen is fucked up. I filed a I-127 [grievance] on both chow-halls, because they have a wire fence that covers the serving [area]. The fencing barriers must be removed because it’s always dirty, filthy, with rotten, spoiled, with bad smelling food. When inmates reach underneath with our trays to be served and pull our trays back underneath, rotten, spoiled and bad smelling food falls on our trays.

The response [to my grievance]:

“Neither constitutional nor federal law prohibits the use of fencing barriers in offender dining facilities. For sanitation reasons, the barriers used in the Gist Unit offender dining halls are cleaned after each meal. Hence, any food found spilled on the barrier occurred during the meal currently being served and does not pose a health or sanitation concern. Nonetheless, you can help contribute to the aesthetics of the dining hall by mindful consideration of the serving space allotted via the barrier entrance way. For security reasons, however, this barrier will not be removed.” by Assistant Warden Ortega