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Got legal skills? Help out with writing letters to appeal censorship of MIM Distributors by prison staff. help out is a media institution run by the Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons. Here we collect and publicize reports of conditions behind the bars in U.$. prisons. Information about these incidents rarely makes it out of the prison, and when it does it is extremely rare that the reports are taken seriously and published. This historical record is important for documenting patterns of abuse, and also for informing people on the streets about what goes on behind the bars.

We hope this information will inspire people to take action and join the fight against the criminal injustice system. While we may not be able to immediately impact this particular instance of abuse, we can work to fundamentally change the system that permits and perpetuates it. The criminal injustice system is intimately tied up with imperialism, and serves as a tool of social control on the homeland, particularly targeting oppressed nations.

[Abuse] [Medical Care] [Stiles Unit] [Texas]

Texas Forces Segregation Conditions for Aircon

I was moved to another unit for a heat restriction that I have due to medical problems, and have to be in air conditioning. TDCJ lost a lawsuit and Fed court tells them to A/C the Pack One unit. So now they are doing some system wide moving us inmates who have heat restrictions, or what is called heat sensitive medical conditions. There is about 24 conditions that they have at this time. The number one is if inmates are 65 and older. I am 67, but I have a lot of the conditions they talk about having.

Anyway, the Texas prison system is trying to get us old inmates into a temperature control housing which is with A/C. But the bad thing they are putting us in what is called 12 Building which is the Ad-Seg on Stiles unit. Now they made 3 pods for general population heat restriction but we are treated like we are Ad-Seg.

We do get day room from 7am to 10:30pm, phone, TV, we go to commissary off the building, mail room. We don’t have a chow hall we only have a room with 6 tables, they have to bring cooked food to 12 building from the main kitchen. To the kitchen on 12 building which only has a steam table that we get served off of it.

[Stiles Unit] [Texas]

Successful Chow Hall Campaign

I would like to take this time to share with the readers a very good and strong effort that brought about a positive change.

About 6 months ago I started asking these young inmates on Stiles Unit 8 Building to make a copy of a Step #1 Grievance I had wrote challenging the sanitation of the 8 Building makeshift kitcken that used three (3) barrels to wash, rinse, and sanitize trays, because the makeshift kitchen does not have a dishwasher in it. Well my Grievance came back and all allegations that food service violated policy and procedures was denied.

However the good news is I thought I knew how to write a good Grievance until February 2019 when I got the copy of the Texas Pack. I rewrote the Grievance in a friend's name and today 8 Building and J and L Pod Medium Custody go to the main chow hall to eat lunch and dinner. Yes, they still feed breakfast in the makeshift kitchen and I challenged that.

A week ago I thought I had died and went to heaven because I received a pack of Grievance Complaint forms (petitions to have our grievances addressed). I also received ULK 66. To my comrades in the struggle I say keep fighting and to MIM I say thank you.

[Abuse] [Stiles Unit] [Texas]

Prisoner Deaths, Mail Tampering at Stiles in Texas

It's been a while since I've been in contact with you. I've been pretty busy trying to get help legal-wise and medical-wise over this bus wreck that I was involved in while I was riding in a TDCJ-ID bus. I've been trying to get a copy of the accident report from the Beaumont Sheriff's Dept. Office. I keep getting the run-around by the Sheriff's spokesman and sent to the Texas OIG Investigations Office. I'm now having surgeries on my neck, knees and back. I can't get no attorney to accept my case against TDCJ.

The federal courts will not go against TDCJ here in Beaumont because the Mark W. Stiles Unit hires all the welfare and unemployment people here in Beaumont. Now the Stiles Unit is in violation of the Safe Prisons Act, Ruiz Suit and PREA because the Stiles Unit is 15% under-staffed. There are more illegal drugs being consumed here on this Unit than there are on the outside of those fences. There are offender deaths every week due to these drugs. The grievance system does not work. The Step 1 (I-127) and Step 2 (I-128) are being withheld and answered here on the Unit or thrown away.

I've written to several Civil Rights organizations and haven't gotten any answers. I need to get an attorney that's out-of-state to handle my bus wreck and get me the proper medical help that I need for my injuries. I write my family for help but they receive an envelope with no letter in it. The mail room supervisor Ms. Willis blames the Beaumont Post Master's Office for my letter not being in the envelope. My envelopes are supposed to be sealed when leaving this Unit so the letter should be in the sealed envelope, which it is not. It won't surprise me if you get an empty envelope also. I haven't received any of your issues this year. I need an up-to-date Texas Pack if it's possible and a list of pro bono attorneys in California that practice law in Texas. Please let me know if you received this letter.

[Abuse] [Stiles Unit] [Texas]

Beaten by pigs in Texas

I got jumped in some seg office. Yeah man, they fucked me up pretty bad. Shit, I woke up in the ER down in Huntsville. They beat the brakes off me while I was in handcuffs. There were five or six of em. All white! One of them fools was sitting on my back pony-style punching away at my head and face. The shit was so bad (I heard) that some sistas who saw that shit were crying rivers of tears. Many these people just grabbed me out of the hallway took me to an empty seg fofice and called me a nigger about a thousand times. After they did me bad, this one racist ass mutherfuckah came back over to me while I was laying there in handcuffs and put his knee on the side of my head and started crushing away. The whole time he was on my head with all of his weight, rocking back and forth like he was on some "Immah finish me a nigger off type shit."

Like I said, I blacked out wit this fool on top of my head. The crazy part is that I have witnesses that saw this fool beat for me right out of the hallway. But anyway, they did the old assault on an officer case to try to cover for what they did. Man I aint' never had no assault on an officer case. And I been coming to this place since 1985.

I been having real problems with headaches, nose bleeds, forgetting stuff and a lot more. They shipped me to this unit after they ran me through the ringger (court). I been dropping sick call request forms for three months now and they still ain't seen me for injuries. Th handcuffs that they were dragging me around by, done fuck up the nerves in my wrist and hands. I cannot even sleep at night cause the pain is unbearable at times. I be thinking about moving on with my life but my shit ain't right. So I got to file suit on they ass. Them fools almost killed me.

Comrade, man, I am 51 years old. And I was 50 when they done that stupid shit. I got a little over three years left on my ten year sentence. I had a few talks with some old heads that's been on that unit Eastham and they all said the same thing, it's a racist ass unit. And they just assault blacks just for the thrill of it.

I am writing y'all with an emergency stamp cause these folks be blocking my use of the indigent mail system for three months now. Making all types of bogus claims. I done filed three different grievances. It's been a real struggle. But anyway imma get back with y'all on this stupid ass not cause this ain't attorney client privileged. Whenever I do get indigent supplies I'll hit you up with a real letter. They got me in Seg G5 status. This some crazy shit. For beating me the fuck up!

[Abuse] [Censorship] [Stiles Unit] [Texas]

Censorship and Health Violations at Stiles Unit

On 11-1-18 i received a denial of publication, for Under Lock & Key #63. Stating that pages 1 and 5 advocate for prison disruption, however I appealed and was again denied. So I had it sent to my sister.I received Under Lock & Key #64 and was glad to see that it was not denied.

I've been fighting the system for years and have a few people behind me. The Stiles Unit has been in violation of a Health Code and Sanitation Violation. 8 building, where I'm being housed, is a building for the G-5/Close Custody and G4/Medium Custody Offenders, and this administration has set up a make shift kitchen, the food is always cold, the trays are not being sanitized because there is no dishwasher in the make shift kitchen. Offenders handle food without gloves on or hair nets. I've filed a Grievance about it along with 10 other comrades trying to make a change but the Grievance process is a joke. Sometimes they never answer grievances. Would you please send the grievance petition.

[Censorship] [Abuse] [Stiles Unit] [Texas]

Mail harrassment and censorship after reporting PREA failure

Here is a story of my seemingly solo fight. So, that said, I can describe that these bastards are out to kill me and no, I am not nutzo. No. There are “things” I am still very savvy to, that would get me killed. I’ve yet to disclose. The Stoke lied about what and why I did what I did.

Decades later the “Stoke” or federal officials came up with “PREA” (Prison Rape Elimination Act). To check it out, I, along with another, cried out. Lt. XX chewed me out. He screamed how easily he could place me in a certain sector of the Stiles Unit. What is this "certain sector"? A section where men can't stop raping and masturbating, (killing as it is called), would be where they or he would place me. Therefore, "PREA" turns a person into shark bait and tossed into a shark tank. I may have misunderstood what "elimination" meant.

Well I wrote to several state and federal officials of the above event. Plus, I let them know how PREA is now a major joke that is shouted among both the officers (C.O.s ; S.O.s) and inmates alike. Suddenly, something strange began to happen. A letter was torn in half. It had the inside-flap-stamp to WARN the recipient that the letter had come from inside a prison camp, from a prisoner. This, alone, proves I was not the last person to touch this letter. If the one-half side was returned to me by the U.S. Postal System, the other went on to whom I had written.

Also, persons, organizations I've written to for years, if not decades, had the RTS (return to sender) tag upon them. On several occasions, I received an RTS, with a letter or package, from the people of the RTS-simultaneously.

Several bible study or other studies I do ask "Do you enjoy our studies; why have you stopped sending your correspondence studies?" I did NOT!

I was called to the mail room. At least 6 to maybe 10 times, my legal mail has been an error. This notice comes on a Friday night. So, I wonder what my legal response (to get out) will be; only to hear "there is no legal mail; sorry." Then, once more, to the mail room. "I'm sorry, this letter is uninspectable." How? Why? It was open. It was in the mail-lady's hands. The letter was from a known girl friend that I have written for the past 8 years.

"I'm sorry this comes from Huntsville". That is the main office admin. This is a 3 1/2 hour drive away. How did they see or determine a letter- the day before- become uninspectable. It was not a package. The letter was a letter of 2 pages.

"Let me see it." The mail lady let me see front and back of each page. There was no shit, taped on poison, explosives, zero. It had: "I love you Pearl." Uninspectable from Huntsville! "Ma'am, how long do I have to send this 2-page horrific, uninspectable, whatever it is, back to whoever sent it to me?" "Sixty days."

So, that night I wrote a letter. "I will explain about this Dumb Ass Letter when you visit Saturday." I placed 2 stamps on the envelope, I sent to the mail room, this envelope with a I-60 (an official document to an official to do something) to mail back this letter. At 5:05 a.m., an inmate awoke me and handed me something. It came from the other side (B-side) of this unit. "This inmate knows you. He got this letter by mistake." I will give every reader 10 guesses what letter this was.

Then, on one night I received about 12 letters. Five were from the same person, over a 2 1/2 week's amount of time. Every one was well over 3 weeks late. A turtle with a broke leg could have gotten one of the letters to me in a day.

I have all of what I've stated documented. I have that uninspectable and both sides of the torn-in-half letter and also the letters of "why don’t you write more?" letters.

[Abuse] [Stiles Unit] [Texas]

Texas messing with property

I am writing you in regards to treatment on this unit. I have put a restraining order on administration and his staff/employees. I've been through the proper procedures that the adminstration and the ranking officer told me to go through which is the proper procedures which is the Step 1 and Step 2. I haven't gotten a response.

Every time I talked to the Major Rockella L. Neal she keep telling me that she don't know what they want to do and that she did her part. I talked to Malcolm J Hawkins, a seargent, and he said that he doesn't have anything to do with it. Officer Ciera M. Narcisse Co III is the one who messed up my property and didn't want to give me an inventory slip. Officer Yessica L Medinamartinez Co III told me that she don't know what property that I'm talking about. I know they giving me a run around about my property and every time I address a ranking officer they tell me to get the fuck on and go back to my assigned building and this what comes down to me getting a restraining order on the administration in his employees.

They gone cover their back and look out for each other so I have to cover mines just case anything happen to me by getting this restraining order against the administration and his employees. I would like to file theft charges on the administration for messing with my property. Please can you let me know what assistance you can provide.

[Abuse] [Censorship] [Stiles Unit] [Texas]

Texas harassing jailhouse lawyers

I am writing to send you back the unconfirmed mail form showing that I have not received any of the letters/documents on these dates in the mail. My mail from you and other places like your organization is not coming to me because the information is very much useful to me due to the upcoming civil suit so if the mail isn't legal then I may not get it just like the dates you sent my mail and I did not receive.

I'm a jailhouse lawyer for National Lawyer Guild out of New York so you can pretty much see why I'm having problems getting indigent supplies so I can send out legal and regular mail. This unit is harassing/retaliating against me for complaints and grievances against the unit administration. I was placed in 11 bldg transient being treated like I committed a crime and was handcuffed everywhere the officers took me and took all my recreating inside/outside, chapel services, law library sessions, medical appointments, and kept me in a cell for 24 hrs for 33 days. I'm still being denied to see a medical provider since April 2016.

This unit is overcrowded in violation of Ruiz v. Estelle court order/ final judgment and has reached our 100% capacity. I'll be very lucky if you get this letter and mail form that you sent me.

[Medical Care] [Stiles Unit] [Texas]

Medical Neglect in Texas

Over a year ago I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, a chronic liver disease. At one time I started treatment for Hepatitis B, something I didn't have. I told them I never requested this. Medical responded that it was for my protection. Medical care here is horrible. I keep complaining about my treatment, but the medical staff says there are people sicker than me. They have a new treatment but it costs a lot. However I am looking for some legal assistance in this matter. I have found out the pill they bring me is for asthma, an allergic disease. I don't have asthma, or no allergies and I know it has caused some liver damage. I started having some bad abdominal pains. I stopped taking the pill. And did my own research and found out this pill was not for my treatment. Can you assist me in finding a lawyer in this matter?

[Rhymes/Poetry] [Stiles Unit] [Texas]

A lie ain't nothing for the state of Texas to Tell

Sitting in a Texas Pen
Fed like it's 1908
For we are given skimpy trays
So we have to lick the plate

They try to say we are well fed
I tell you that's a lie
Tortillas to hide our scrambled eggs
Make grown men want to cry

One hot dog on our largest part
Slot two slices of bread
The last three slots will stop your heart
So you might just wake up dead

I've eaten better homeless
And I'm not too proud to say
I've had more food out of dumpsters
Then what Stiles puts on your tray

I came here weighing 222
I now weigh 151
The only way that I'll get more food
Annie get your gun

No these are not my greatest words
But I'm about the starve to death
I've seen people feed more to birds
But in Texas, I'm out of breath

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