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To help people support U.S. prisoners in their daily struggles our website provides mailing addresses for prisoner mail, mail rules by state and facility, histories of censorship problems at each facility, information on which prisons have Control Units, prison population data and prisoner-led campaigns to improve conditions on the inside. (click state in list below)

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Texas Prisons

Texas Prison Population: 213,986

Prisoner Rights Campaigns in Texas:
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Texas Prison Mail Rules:
  • Uniform Offender Correspondence Rules (text version)
  • Uniform Offender Correspondence Rules
  • Uniform Offender Correspondence Rules (rev. 2)
  • DRC Upheld censorship of ULK 45 on 10/1/15
  • DRC Upheld censorship of ULK 32 on 7/1/2013
  • DRC Upheld censorship of ULK 28 on 11/14/2012
  • DRC Upheld censorship of ULK 35 on 2/13/2014
  • Chican@ Power Book banned (2019 book got in - overturned?)
  • DRC upheld censorship of ULK 27 on 9/6/2012
  • Defend the Legacy of BPP banned since March 2017
  • ULK 57 banned
  • ULK 54 banned
  • ULK 51 banned
  • ULK 63 banned
  • no more greeting cards allowed.
  • Mail received on colored, decorated, cardstock, construction, linen, or cotton paper will be denied
  • Letters may not contain perfume, stickers, lipstick, bodily fluid, powdery substances, or artwork using paint, glitter, glue or tape.
  • greeting cards must be from:, Inkcards,,,
  • limit of 10 photos per envelope
  • BP-03.91 (rev. 5) Uniform Inmate Correspondence Rules
  • more info on mail rules

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