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Under Lock & Key

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[Special Needs Yard] [California State Prison, Corcoran] [California]

Changing Terrain in Corcoran as Populations are Transferred

The PO Box 3476 is the only SHU yard and Ad-Seg yard address now at CSP-Corcoran. The 4B yard is closed, and was supposed to open up as a GP mainline, but hasn't happened yet. All these buildings over here in 4A run a different program. My block is Ad-Seg, 4R is Ad-Seg with prisoners from SATF Corcoran. 3R and 3L are the debriefing buildings for the whole state of California, 2R and 2L are SHU blocks, and 1R and 1L are SHU blocks for people on medication.

...To answer your question on the SNY situation, yes and no. Most older folks are going for various different reasons. Some are giving up on the struggle, some have grudges with their comrades, and some youngsters are chasing drugs and don't want to be revolutionaries or political, and are allowing the oppressor to stir strife. Yes! it's mostly people coming out of the SHU and seeing a culture shock that is real sad and in poor condition. Then there's the changing of the guard, and the youngster's don't want to change, and neither do the older folks that have been out there all this time. Opportunities can still be created on both sides of the razor wire, be it GP or SNY. Because it's still up to the individuals how they want to live. Either combat change, or suffer defeat.