Abuse of authority in Missouri

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[Abuse] [Crossroads Correctional Center] [Missouri]

Abuse of authority in Missouri

I'm a politikal prisoner warehoused at the State of Missouri's most repressive slave plantations (Crossroads Correctional Center). It's name (Crossroads) alone sounds like a cemetery and it does literally feel like one.

The institution is still on lock-down from a riot that took place 5, 6 months ago where no one was injured but millions of dollars in property damage occurred.

The conditions that led up to the rioting still exist today and are even worse today. Basically, we are locked down in our cells all day and none of our daily needs are met. For example, they transferred me here last week as a punishment from another camp and placed me in ad seg despite me not having any conduct violations (write-up). They refused to bring me my ad seg allowable soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste for six (6) days, but gave the other transfers theirs the same day.

So, I sent my case worker numerous kites requesting grievance forms, which she denied me. I'm on high blood pressure medication, which I should have received the first day I arrived, yet medical staff continues to ignore my request. When I arrived here, they gave me another prisoner's used and dirty underclothes and bedding when everyone knows that you're supposed to be issued new underclothes and can be issued used outer garments. Again, I sent my caseworker a kite for a grievance complaint and a legal request form to order prison policies and legal case law to challenge these conditions and was again denied.

I'm on a certified religious diet meal plan, yet they refuse to recognize it at this camp despite having documentation proving that I'm on the diet plan. (Please note: A white prisoner next door to me receives his CRD-meal 3 times a day).

We are dealing with gangsters here. Gangsters who have been allowed to do whatever they feel like doing and outside of what prison regulations mandate without being challenged or corrected. And if you bring attention to this abuse of authority, they calculatingly and systematically isolate you and target you with more abuse.

Please send me something to read, i.e. newsletter, prisoner resource guide, anything that will keep my spirit and mind up.