Prisoners Report on Conditions in

Missouri Prisons

Got legal skills? Help out with writing letters to appeal censorship of MIM Distributors by prison staff. help out is a media institution run by the Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons. Here we collect and publicize reports of conditions behind the bars in U.$. prisons. Information about these incidents rarely makes it out of the prison, and when it does it is extremely rare that the reports are taken seriously and published. This historical record is important for documenting patterns of abuse, and also for informing people on the streets about what goes on behind the bars.

We hope this information will inspire people to take action and join the fight against the criminal injustice system. While we may not be able to immediately impact this particular instance of abuse, we can work to fundamentally change the system that permits and perpetuates it. The criminal injustice system is intimately tied up with imperialism, and serves as a tool of social control on the homeland, particularly targeting oppressed nations.

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[Censorship] [Street Gangs/Lumpen Orgs] [United Front] [Potosi Correctional Center] [Missouri] [ULK Issue 78]

Things Must Change, Starting By Uniting the Lumpen

Peace and Blessings to the Revolutionary Souljahs Around the Globe. I’m writing you because the Missouri Department of Corruption has found a way to censor “Prison Legal News and Criminal Legal News”. I believe that it’s retaliation for my activism. However, I’m not the only one that had their issues taken by Deputy Division Director Jason Lewis and Ryan Crews. Maybe they want us reading Dr.Seuss and Mickey Mouse!

Anyway, the Struggle continues and the Damus are mobilizing here at Potosi Correctional Center for the “Greater Good of the Multitude”, We are cleaning our own house so that we can put things into perspective and form some type of “solidarity” with the other Lumpen here in misery! Things must change for the Black, Brown, and Red! We have been getting slaughtered all over the globe and all we do is “march” chanting “Black Lives Matter”. If Black Lives Matter, then “why are we still marching?”. I do understand that there is a time for war and for the “fight to end oppression”, but how much longer must we sit by and allow the enemy to oppress us? We are many and must unite to combat the deaths of our Brothers, Sisters, Uncles, Aunties, Cousins, Husbands, and Wives!

Things must change People.

Uhuru Sasa

[Control Units] [Hunger Strike] [Abuse] [Southeast Correctional Center] [Missouri] [ULK Issue 76]

The Capitalist-Imperialist Tool of Ad-Seg Continues in SECC

It is not uncommon knowledge; given you have internet access; that the South-Eastern Correctional Center (herein after referred to as ‘South-Eastern’ Plantation or SECC) is by far a reflection of the “Survival of the Fittest”, mentality; (distorted interpretation of Charles Darwin’s theory dubbed ‘Social Darwinism’) that the fascist pigs who run this country maintain, and it’s core beliefs was founded upon. Theodore Roosevelt in the preface to Vernon Kellogs, a German intellectual, book “Headquarters Night”, stated that “The man who reads Kellog’s sketch and yet fails to see why we are at war, and why we must accept no peace save that of overwhelming victory; is neither a good American nor a true lover of mankind”. Remind you, this is a book where Vernon Kellog states “The creed of the Allmacht of a natural selection based on violent and fatal competition is the gospel of the German intellectuals; all else is illusion and anathema”. Scary to think that our President at the time shared the same core beliefs that kindled the Holocaust!! Individual self-seeking in hopes to promote the good of society only breeds contempt and enmity amongst social-classes by separating that which is “We the people” into “they the people”, “We a people”, “There’s some more people”.

Staff-on-Inmate to Inmate-on-Staff ratio for assaults is mind-boggling. In a last minute attempt, due to a 5 min riot in February where 3-7 C/Os were hospitalized, one in critical condition and one in a coma, SECC and Plantation Master Bill Stange issued sham pretext investigations on over 67% of the facility to target, arbitrarily and artfully punish offenders who the administration has a certain disliking for. Individuals who were in no way shape or form involved in said riot; in order to obtain order and security of the facility, more commonly known and acknowledged as oppression and submission of the offender population. On top of violating Constitutional rights, protected liberty interests, and adhering to corporal punishments, the South-Eastern Plantation in retaliatory effort has cut the camp population by over 50% and have re-administered long-term Administrative Segregation confinement(Ad-Seg). Two individuals have killed themselves this year, and 5 different hunger strikes have been done, in an attempt to obtain that which is our Constitutional right(s). The struggle against Ad-Seg isolation here continues.

The inhumane conditions, injustice, and complete disregard for policy and federal law here at the South-Eastern Plantation is amongst the worst in the state of “Misery”(MO). Particularly those who work here at the South-Eastern Plantation; with the blatant approval or blind-eye of Jeff Norman, Anne Precythe, Alana Boyles (Directors of MDOC); pigs here have taken to various different modes of divide and conquer tactics as a stratagem to warfare. One particular incident occurred on November 2nd, 2021 when COI PIG Ms. Reed rolled an offenders door without cuffing him upon request, and stepped aside so in the Ad-Seg. Unit he could stab a cuffed offender exiting from the shower. PIG Ms. Reed then directly thereafter allowed retaliation of another offender who too was handcuffed and shackled to the door. She is now on investigation along with the COI PIG Hood who before payed for an LGBTQIA+ trans woman to be assaulted by another offender.

Minimized food rations, one state bar of soap a week in Seg, rec once a week, mice infested houses, free cases and beatings; SECC is in need of some serious outside attention. Us comrades here continue to fight Capitalism-Imperialism with our dying breath. We will not stop until we bring conscious awareness of the proletarian state and the science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. We seek a world without chains, slavery, and oppression.

[COVID-19] [Chillicothe Correctional Center] [Missouri]

No PPE in MO Prison with Most COVID-19 Cases, Behavioral Modification

Enclosed is the initial info on a grievance I filed on DOC for violating quarantine guidelines. I’ve since been transferred to a different prison. Only once I got here I realized that Chillicothe Correctional Center has the highest level of positive COVID-19 cases in the whole state. (285 infected) That was the last number as of 14 August 2020. We don’t get bleach to clean with, and I’ve only seen the N95 masks on a couple cops. I’m currently working on a chronological log to file on this institution as well.

On another topic. All over the state of Misery the Department of Corruption is manipulating our brothers and sisters to participate in a behavior modification program that to the best of my knowledge has a >90% recidivism rate. In our state it is called Gateway, yet it sounds like the program mentioned by an Arkansas prisoner on page 11 of ULK 70.

These monsters are pulling productive prisoners with no behavioral issues. Prisoners whose out dates are sometimes a year or more away. The machine is hungry, and we are the food. Yes we have a right to sign out. Only with the hefty cost of: they keep you just long enough to get your name on the “client” log. That log must stay at a certain number so that the grant money keeps rolling in from Big Brother. Of course, after that, this is where you may choose to stay; because the Department of Probation and Parole dangle our release dates in our faces!

If we “sign out” we receive a warm embrace from our paternalistic keepers by them giving us extra time on our sentence! My heart aches and my soul shakes for each and every day our brothers and sisters spend feeding the machine.

[Drugs] [Missouri]

Put down the Drugs that Make you Docile

Here in Missouri we have a dependency problem. Drugs are so frequent and available. We have junkies so-to-say running the yards. Top members and others answer to the drugs. Not to the cause. As recently they tried to organize a strike against them fucking pigs. And again more hit and that’s all anyone really cares for. Especially in here. As this facility has a dark cloud over it. How can you not blame them for trying methods of looking for that utopia and bliss that drugs provide?

Even these people provide drugs, prescriptions to $ profit and experiment. But they provide mood altering drugs to keep us calm and pliable till we gain that true independence from them and that drug. We won’t be able to move on with the cause. And this new drug has got everyone. Even ones who used to have a clear head aren’t anymore. Could it be the man's way of keeping us docile. Hell the CIA did it, why not the DOC. The old saying: what's good for the goose is good for the gander. So I ask every comrade put it down for month on call. If you can't you might be a junkie! Be strong comrades, day by day our cause will prevail.

[Organizing] [Jefferson City Correctional Center] [Missouri] [ULK Issue 69]

Youth Ready to Stand Up for Change

Today a lieutenant pig walked to the cell next door and the prisoner explained to the pig that ey was in Ad-Seg for assaulting another prisoner. The high ranking pig said "as long as you don't assault staff we're cool." And then ey walked away. I had to use much mental discipline to overcome emotion; understanding that this same misguided emotion has kept me and my comrades in these Missouri Department of Corrections (MODOC) Ad-Seg torture chambers for years.

Our kites are ignored, we have practically no access to grievances and it is only those strong in self-discipline who abstain from physical retaliation. Tactics I have often used to no avail.

There is a strong revolutionary presence in this Jefferson City Correctional Center Koncentration Kamp. Young comrades who, like myself, are gang affiliated yet well-studied and ready to stand up for a change. All we lack is an effective strategy that can truly unite us all. All I lack is the knowledge to properly form a United Struggle Within.

I am open to corrections, ideas and strategies from comrades and political prisoners more experienced and advanced than myself.

MIM(Prisons) responds: This comrade is providing an example for all, by contributing regular work writing and producing revolutionary art. We have sent em lots of letters and other material, but it appears to be largely censored. So, much respect for staying active in spite of this censorship. We print this letter to encourage others to speak on this topic. By sending in regular reports on your organizing you can contribute to United Struggle from Within's knowledge of conditions on the ground and strategizing efforts. There is much to learn through practice in action.

On our side of the bars, MIM(Prisons) offers revolutionary education classes (study groups), political literature, and resources to help form study groups behind bars, and other organizing guides. But this support isn't that helpful if we can't get it past the censors. This underscores the importance of our battles against censorship.

[National Oppression] [Missouri] [ULK Issue 69]

Missouri Divides Prisoners with Racism

I read the article titled "Whites Can be Lumpen Too". I do not doubt that. But let me give you some insight on the race relations in Missouri's prisons.

The Caucasians are given job positions that allow them access to more resources, more mobility, more food and more canteen. While they turn around and make a profit off of New Afrikans and others who need what they have.

There is in particular one major racist "white" gang that functions in the Missouri Department of Correcions (MODOC) and this gang works directly with the C.O.s all the way up to the captains and case mangaers. This is not exaggeration, there is a couple pigz who have this gang's tattoo on their forearms! Yet the administration turns a blind eye to this.

So when it comes to unity how can you unite the population against the oppressors when half the population works for the oppressor and identifies with the shade of their skin over their prisoner status? They enjoy privileges like drugs, cell phones, food etc. that makes them feel closer to the staff than to the rest of the prison population.

Just last night me and six other comrades in the wing were having a discussion about Amerika, Russia and China's military bases spread throughout the Caribbean when we were constantly interrupted by a Caucasian prisoner banging on eir door. I am open to the idea of unity amongst all prisoners but the MODOC has done a thorough job of segregating us prisoners and forming a caste system.

MIM(Prisons) responds: Our response to the comrade who wrote "Whites Can be Lumpen Too" agrees with this writer. It's no coincidence that white guards have racist tattoos or that white prisoners enjoy special privileges from these guards.

This country has a long history of national oppression. It started with the European settler nation, which has always been mostly petty bourgeois, bringing in oppressed-nation slaves to build the infrastructure of this country. The history of this national oppression continues today in a slightly more subtle format. The result for whites as a group is greater wealth, better education, better housing opportunities, better jobs, and on and on. And so even poor whites who aren't currently enjoying these privileges can look around and see that their peers, people who look like them, are doing well. And they identify with these folks, aspire to their wealth, and have a realistic shot at getting there. This is in contrast with the lumpen from oppressed nations who look around and see lots of folks just like themselves in the same shitty conditions.

Whites can be revolutionaries if they choose to go against their national interests. And it makes it easier for prison staff to set up white prisoners as the privileged group, helping keep the rest of the population in check by getting in the way of organizing and unifying. Organizers need to recognize these conditions and unite those who can be united; in this case the oppressed nations.

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[Abuse] [Jefferson City Correctional Center] [Missouri]

Denied Legal Rights at Jefferson City CC

Love & Prosperity from behind enemy lines. It's been over thirteen months that I have been locked in the Segregation Housing Unit (SHU). I've recently been separated from all my brothers of war, and transferred to a new concentration kamp. And I tell you, this new plantation has these prisoners (slaves) domesticated. But I observed the same thing at my last concentration kamp, and look what happen to that plantation (it closed).

Re-education, and re-activating that radical recalcitrant is our duty, to those who have not yet awaken from out of the matrix. I believe that it is a necessity to constantly educate myself if I intend to re-generate The People.

As I'm currently committed to this mission, I also happen to find myself engaged in a battle with this new plantation staff. Whereas I have been at Jefferson City Correctional Center (JCCC) for nearly a month, and these pigs are denying all policies and procedures.

First, I have been in the SHU my entire stay at JCCC. Since being here I have been denied my right to access the court afforded to all prisoners by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

I have been deprived from obtaining any case laws because the librarians are asserting that I do not have Qualified Legal Claim (QLC) on file. How can this be when I have a court date scheduled in two weeks?

Wherefore I've followed Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and wrote the classification staff requesting to be approved for QLC, but you have a better chance of hearing a bird speak English than receiving a response back from a case-manager working in the SHU.

Jefferson City Correctional Center SOP 8-1.4 Access to Law Library Material

1. Offenders in a special unit may not be afforded direct access to the law library; however, limited access shall be provided as follows:

A. offenders in a special unit must show proof they are working on a qualified legal claim:

(1) Classification staff will verify this utilizing the Qualified Legal Claims Verification Form.

(2) Qualified legal claims will be reviewed at least once a year to ensure they have not expired.

It is highly unlikely that I'll receive any case law to further prepare myself before my court date. But to make things worse, I'm being denied my right to the grievance process. I requested an Informal Resolution Request form, to file on the deprivation that has been occurring. I have yet to receive a response or IRR, and this was three weeks ago.

Second, (Yes, there's more) Upon arriving at JCCC I have been furnished none of the necessities I require to stay in communication with the outside world. (pertaining to my address book)

Whereas we are not allowed phone calls while assigned to the SHU, at JCCC. Whereas, our First Amendment right guarantees us communication with the free-world. Me and my comrades are being denied this right by being unable to obtain our address books.

SOP 21-1.2 Administrative Segregation: Assures the we allowed to possess address books and sacred writing. In which me and my comrade were never provided ours from out of our personal property upon arriving at JCCC.

SOP 21-1.2 Administrative Segregation: Also provides that offenders may request property that is allowed in the SHU by submitting a request to classification staff.

I've already done this multiple times and have yet to receive a response.

Third, offenders are afforded Library reading material. This reading material is supposed to be circulated around by second shift pigs. I have been here a month and I have yet to see officers passing out books.

SOP 21-1.2 Administrative Segregation: (1) Library reading material should be provided in the unit in accordance with standard operating procedures.

Library books should be distributed weekly.

1. The Librarian will ensure the books for distribution are available in the unit, updating the selection on a monthly basis.

Fourth, SOP 21-1.2 Administrative Segregation provides that offenders should be permitted to retain prescribed general educational development workbooks or correspondence courses as in accordance with institutional services procedures regarding correspondence courses.

So I came to the conclusion that everything that is supposed to be entitled to JCCC prisoners, as asserted in SOP policies and procedures, is not being provided. This is just an aberration, for those who reside in the free-world and wish to know how the system is supposedly rehabilitating the so-called demented offenders. Because they are not following any of the policies and procedures laid out in their Standard Operation Procedures.

Furthermore, they're even denying me my right to file a grievance on their violations of policy. I wrote my beautiful Black Queens to have them call up here and tear them a new asshole, also I requested of them to call the central office to inform them of what has been occurring at their plantation (prison). I also wrote the central office to inform them of the deprivation prisoners have been experiencing in the SHU at JCCC.

Just another day on the battlefield: push-ups and pepper-spray. We hold the advantage. Due to the enemy's underestimation of the people. They characterize us as illiterate animals who'd rather be at each other's throats instead of detaching the leg from the body that presses down on all of the prisoners and proletarians' throats. We out-class the enemy on every level. Mass, fitness, age, experience (in guerrilla fighting), and even intellectual. But for some reason the vanguard is few in numbers. Unity among the oppressed has been dis-jointed. We have been deceived by propaganda propagated through the media and taught to us inside authoritarian schools. Consolidate with us Guerrilla Fighters (Young Radicals) and assist in helping dismantle the enemy that has been repressing the Blacks, Browns, Indians, and even the Poor Whites. Monopolizing capitalist economic growth off of prisoners.

To my young warriors, understand, just because we choose to engage the enemy in peaceful manner, does not make us peaceful.

"Attaining one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the pinnacle of excellence. Subjugating the enemy's army without fighting is the true pinnacle of excellence. Warfare should not be undertaken unless the state is threatened. Haste, fear of being labeled a coward, and personal emotions such as anger and hatred should never be permitted to adversely influence state and command decision-making. The army must not be rashly thrown into an engagement, thrust into war, or unnecessarily mobilized.

“If it is not advantageous, do not move. If the objective can be attained, do not employ the army. Unless endangered, do not engage warfare. A ruler cannot mobilize the army out of personal anger. The general cannot engage in battle because of personal frustration. When it is advantageous, move; when not advantageous, stop. Anger can revert to happiness, annoyance can revert to joy, but a vanquished army cannot be revived, the dead cannot be brought back to life."-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

As I require assistance from comrades in the realm of the free-world, please call up here if possible and demand action for the issues asserted earlier in this scribe.

- That prisoners in the administrative segregation housing unit be provided reading material from the Library; as afforded by SOP 21-1.2

- That prisoner in administrative segregation be provided educational material, when requested; as afforded by SOP 21-1.2

- Also, that prisoners in administrative segregation be afforded the opportunity to file grievances.

I respectfully request that you call up here at Jefferson City Correctional Center at (573) 751-3224 and Request to speak with Warden Ramey. Also call the Central Office (573) 751-2381

[Street Gangs/Lumpen Orgs] [Missouri] [ULK Issue 68]

Gangster Actions Don't Match Words

This is the first article I have written for ULK. I was especially interested in writing about the topic above because, all too often, I have witnessed how the 'gangster' type are eager to dictate to others how their mission is to bring unity, yet their actions and attitudes are completely misplaced. For instance, if we are to fight oppression within the prison system, how is extorting other prisoners, assaulting others, et cetera, a means to that end?

I am not, nor would I ever become, gang-affiliated. In my opinion, if a person joins a gang, it is because they are too weak to stand up for themselves. Prison has become a daycare. Whites sell out whites, blacks team up with whites and babies have babies. What the hell? I've met pedophiles who are ranking gang officials, and snitches are free to roam as they please. Nothing makes any sense anymore and, just for the record, any gang which encourages a prisoner to extend their sentences or which demand that parents of children perform acts which result in them not being able to see them, that crap is no better than the lowest of the lowly.

The things gangs in Missouri do and continue to do are stupid and their actions bring upon us all the oppression. Gang members in Missouri, though they continuously spout the B.S. about solidarity, unity and integrity are, in turn, the cause and continuing justification for our being oppressed.

Instead of fighting for our right to not be abused by 'the system,' Missouri gangs are the tinder with which the fire under oppression is fueled. For every instance of stupidity by Missouri gang members, we, as a whole, lose an integral part of the overall voice with which we need to be able to defend ourselves from the wrongs of the system.

MIM(Prisons) responds: This author asserts that "if a person joins a gang, it is because they are too weak to stand up for themselves." We ask in return: why is it wrong to seek out others to help you defend yourself? Lumpen organizations arose, on the streets and in prisons, in response to very real threats to the safety of oppressed nation people. It is not realistic to think that, in the face of institutional violence and attacks, or organized violence from other groups of people, one should stand alone. And seeking this help and unity is not a sign of weakness.

However, we do agree with this writer that organizations that require their members to engage in anti-people activity, or which engage in actions that harm the general prisoner population, are not friends of the fight against the criminal injustice system. There are many different types of lumpen organizations and conditions vary in different areas. In some situations staying away from L.O.s might be the best practice for anti-imperialists. But at this stage, to organize the lumpen masses, we need to be building unity between lumpen organizations where possible, not perpetuating the fighting that the prison administration encourages. We regularly print articles in ULK from comrades in lumpen orgs doing just this sort of building behind bars. This is the leadership we need to highlight and learn from as most of our readers in prison are in or have been in lumpen organizations..

[Organizing] [United Front] [Crossroads Correctional Center] [Missouri] [ULK Issue 66]

Building the UFPP through Missouri Protests

ufpp bookmark 66

I am a prisoner at Crossroads Correctional Center in Cameron, Missouri. I'm currently being held in solitary confinement for our May 12 uprising against the oppression and abuse inflicted on us by the administration and guards.

For months, the administration had been keeping us locked in our cells for 23 hours a day, in population! Using excuses of "short on staff," we are only allowed to either shower or call our loved ones for one 30-minute session per day. Our one-hour recs are cut to 45 and 30 minutes consistently. The inmate barber shop is closed. Visits are canceled. Guards are verbally and physically abusive.

Until, on May 12th at dinner chow (2 hours late) at 7:30 pm, 288 prisoners participated in a mass sit-in, in peaceful protest to all of the injustices. Instead of answering requests for talks with white-shirts, all officers fled both chow halls and kitchen, leaving us locked in, and grouped outside the windows and taunted us. The sit-in quickly escalated into the largest "riot" in Missouri history, consisting of a reported $4 million in damages, with the complex being taken over and held for over 7 hours. Inside, only 2 people were attacked before leadership and unity were established.

Countless abuses and injustices followed our return to custody, including: remaining zip-tied for 7-9.5 hours, forced to urinate ourselves, beatings, double-celling prisoners in single-man cells for a week with no mattress or bedding, less than 1000-calorie daily diet instituted for the entire camp for over 70 days, etc.

Through all this, the administration kept up its tricks of sowing hate and dissension amongst prisoners in population by blaming the 3-month lockdown on us by actually naming us to other prisoners in hopes of retaliation). Visits were canceled, no canteen, etc.

However, those of us in confinement know the truth: in 2017, we had a mass race-riot of Browns & Whites vs Blacks, and less than 12 months later those same races, true those same prisoners, come together to fight in unity against oppression! Me and about 20 other comrades came together again in September 2018.

It is coming up on 6 months since our placement in seg and we are likely to receive another 90 days just for good measure, but we are still standing. There are 78 of us from the uprising in seg, and many of us belong to one organization or another. When we are released we will continue to spread and build on this unity that was formed under great oppression. We will carry this momentum to bring all prisoners together to face the true enemy!

We have seen and heard praise for our battle and victory in the struggle throughout other max securities in Missouri. There have been other uprisings that have followed ours at a couple mediums, (one was a race-riot, but with guidance and support those aggressions can be properly re-directed), and the administration is taking notice. The five principles of the United Front are taking hold in Missouri. We will do our part to learn, share, teach and uphold them as we struggle together in our war against oppression. I will do my part in not only spreading the message to mi raza, but others as well. Unity is the key! Viva la gente!

MIM(Prisons) responds: We printed some good discussion about these Missouri protests in ULK 65. This writer highlights what is most important about these sorts of actions: the learning by participants and observers about what prisoners can accomplish with unity. By building the United Front for Peace in Prisons, comrades in Missouri are building strength and unity, setting up the conditions for stronger actions in the future.

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