Denied Respite and Ice During Heat Wave

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Denied Respite and Ice During Heat Wave

At the O.L Luther Unit we just had our annual Lockdown/Shakedown during which we were forced to sit outside with limited shade and denied respite. A close friend of mine, a 62-year-old prisoner, repeatedly told officers that he was feeling unwell and needed access to respite. After he was promptly denied respite he suffered from heat exhaustion and had to be taken to the hospital where they had to perform an emergency operation to install a pacemaker, even though prior to this he had never suffered from cardiac issues.

I feel that this incident is indicative of the type of behavior that is perpetuated inside TDCJ. A blatant disregard for the well-being of those incarcerated is the modus operandi of these facilities as well as denying respite during category 4 level heat they are also restricting access to ice. When we tried to address the issue with grievances, the responses we received were flat out lies. They maintained that we have continual access to ice for our drinks and commissary purchases. Despite the fact that several of my comrades here have received unjust disciplinary action for the simple act of trying to get ice.

While we are denied ice, in violation of their own directive (A.D. 1064) which states that we are guaranteed ice during times of elevated heat, the C.O.’s (capitalist oppressors) have their own cooler just for ice and it is kept under lock & key to prevent our access. This level of hypocrisy is inexcusable. We are currently trying to initiate a 1983 civil suit to demand A/C and access to ice. Thank you for allowing me to express my grievances. Stay strong comrades.