EOP Prisoners Attacking Each Others' Mental Health

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EOP Prisoners Attacking Each Others' Mental Health

I am an EOP (Enhanced Outpatient Program) prisoner, I live in a pod/building with all types of other inmates, levels I, II, III, IV. I leave the building and go to groups to learn how to cope with my mental health symptoms every day.

Recently I talked to my clinician/psychologist about bringing up in some of our groups the simple, but powerful subject of name-calling.

I see people every week leave my building (B-3) with suicidal ideations, cut wrists, head wounds from banging on the wall, because other inmates (EOP/Not-EOP) in the height of these peoples' distress, will yell, whoop and promote that person's self-harm, loudly onto the tier thus driving these guys insane, sometimes bleeding, and taken out in handcuffs.

Currently, I am the one being picked on daily. It is unbearable, yet I easily find peace in knowing that the people doing it, spend their time very unwisely, whereas I am writing to colleges, Buddhist Sanghas, and political organizations, educating myself and standing up for the rights of those of us that are locked down.

It is not right, to continually torment people, especially the mentally ill, from morning until night or at any time of the day.

And it is absolutely sickening because these little cliques of inmates all say "god bless you" to each other join the prayer circles, then come back and treat sick people unkindly, and antagonistically.

Right now, because of this I am getting together a letter to send to major bible publishers, urging them to save a section preferably in the front pages, addressing the type of conduct a person should have when dealing with and encountering all types of people daily in life. I know it explains this in the bible, but people be getting lost in the scriptures and stories, thinking they're doing righteous tasks when in actuality the way of life they lead is neither noble, nor righteous.

MIM(prisons) thank you for being my positive outlet.

MIM(Prisons) responds: We commend this comrade for taking a righteous and positive approach to these negative conditions. It is by leaders like em standing up to make a change that we can put an end to oppression in all its forms.