Resistance to Excessive Searches Delays Parole

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Resistance to Excessive Searches Delays Parole

I'm writing to let you know my parole in March is no longer to be. The K-9 set me up with a fabricated RVR 115 report and possible DA referral. It's total bullshit. This pig says I kicked him in his right shin. I'm right foot dominant, as well as right hand. He asked me to step out for cell search. That would have been the 4th damn time that week. I refused. He said, "you're serious?" I said, "Damn right I'm serious."

Protocol would have been for him and his partner to shut my door and call his sergeant. Instead his partner opened up a whole can of pepper spray on me. I proned out and slid due to so much spray, myself on my stomach out of cell. He started talking smack, he's really a coward. So I turned on my side and said a few pleasantries of my own. He sprayed me some more. Guess he was surprised the first can didn't do its job. Even his colleagues gave me my respect. That pissed him off even more. So of course he clipped me for my TV, fan, ripped some family photos in 3 pieces, and who knows what he did with the others. This C/O has a history for being a dirty pig, and a lot of his co-workers don't like him, not even his Lieutenant.

Needless to say, I'm now in ASU. What this RVR should have been was a simple "obstructing DVR." I would have got that time back, but he had it in for me 'cause I made him look like a punk-ass coward in front of his partner a week prior to this incident. I snatched things he would try to take from me out of his hand, and told him, "before you think of taking things from me you better call all your buddies to do it, 'cause you can't do it with just your partner here." What made him hate on me more is the fact that I'm almost 50, I'm 49 years old and am cut up with a 6 pack. I'm in pretty good shape for a man my age. I'd catch him giving me dirty looks.