Staff Misconduct Report at High Desert State Prison, NV

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Staff Misconduct Report at High Desert State Prison, NV

2019 April 9 – I hope this finds you hale, healthy and whole as well as blessed in all you do. The struggle here at High Desert State Prison in Indiana Springs, NV is vast and ongoing.

Our small group of comrades, Hatchets for Maoism (HFM) has gone to work getting the prisoners here to sign and mail out copies of the grievance petition you sent to me. The HFM comrades are also attempting to gain prisoner support for a mass grievance filing on the conditions of confinement: lack of out-of-cell time, poor food, lack of programming, lack of insensitive programs, excessive lockdowns, staff misconduct, etc. etc.

Correctional officers often use their pet rats to justify their misconduct, so I am pushing for all comrades to abstain from any rule infractions, actively seek out peaceful ways to end divisions between prisoners, and unite the people to effect real changes.

With that said, I’d like to “out” some of the real lowdown and dirty pigs, by name and rank, that try to use their given powers to vex, harass, retaliate and oppress all of us here trying to fight for our rights.

Warden Brian E. Williams, Sr. – was overheard on 4/3/19 saying “just put that inmate in the worst cell you can find for him, so he will choose to run with his race or die for trying to be a Mexican blood.” This is the warden of the prison talking to a case worker about what way is best to break down a prisoner for asking to be housed away from racist gang members!

Sergeant Dale Roberson – files false and misleading reports as a means to cover up misconduct of his unit officers, justify ill-gotten sanctions against prisoners, and reduce their level. He also uses the cut and paste function to respond to grievances, issues threats and refuses to report misconduct of his officers when it’s brought to his attention.

Sergeant Alexis Lazano – passes false rumors against any prisoner who he deems to be a “scum bag,” often telling other prisoners that “____ told on you about ____” to incite chaos.

C/O Jeremy Hatfield – has a history of retaliatory cell searches, excessive use of force, and violations of prisoners’ constitutional rights.

C/O Bryant Vaughn – has a history of prisoner abuse.

C/O Killian Lee – challenges prisoners to fight, uses excessive force and attacks prisoners that attempt to report him for his misconduct.

C/O Justin Gordon – talks shit with prisoners he comes into contact with, files vexing and harassing notice of charges against prisoners for non-existing rule violations that are so far past lies that I lack the words to explain. He once wrote me up for another cell’s doings (it was later dropped, but, come on!).

S C/O Joshua Wikoff – harasses any prisoner that attempts to redress any grievance through the proper process, by telling other prisoners that “____ is a rat,” or by saying the same in a loud voice at meal times. He also fails to report staff misconduct and throws away outgoing mail (including legal mail) and prevents the proper investigation of any prisoner’s claim of abuses.

Lieutenant Julie Matousek – Tells outright lies, covers up Civil Rights violations, enforces criminal treatment of PSU prisoners by her subordinates and colludes and conspires to shut the mouths of all who dare stand up for their own rights or the rights of their fellow man.

I don’t have enough ink or paper to list them all, but this is a start. Struggle on Comrades