Prisoners Report on Conditions in

Nevada Prisons

Got a keyboard? Help type articles, letters and study group discussions from prisoners. help out is a media institution run by the Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons. Here we collect and publicize reports of conditions behind the bars in U.$. prisons. Information about these incidents rarely makes it out of the prison, and when it does it is extremely rare that the reports are taken seriously and published. This historical record is important for documenting patterns of abuse, and also for informing people on the streets about what goes on behind the bars.

We hope this information will inspire people to take action and join the fight against the criminal injustice system. While we may not be able to immediately impact this particular instance of abuse, we can work to fundamentally change the system that permits and perpetuates it. The criminal injustice system is intimately tied up with imperialism, and serves as a tool of social control on the homeland, particularly targeting oppressed nations.

[Drugs] [Nevada] [ULK Issue 84]

The Stoopid Epidemic of K2 in Nevada Prisons

Revolutionary Greetings,

I am writing this on the verge of my 5th release from prison on this sentence. I began doing time in 1976. I began this sentence in 1979. I mention this by way of context.

I have always occupied an anti-authoritarian if not outright revolutionary space. That space always required an awareness of material conditions and my relationship with it demanded a combat perspective and by extension, an unwillingness to expose weaknesses to the enemy, or reveal any vulnerability which may be exploited by any hostile agency.

I currently live on a tier with 57 other prisoners. Of these prisoners a sizable portion are users of spice, or K2, what is known here in NV as spig.

It is a daily occurrence that prisoners will sit at tables on the tier and smoke spig in direct and plain line of sight of cameras and enemy personnel.

Daily, these prisoners are so fucked up they fall off their chairs, throw up, have seizures, or need assistance to get to their cells. Apparently stoopid is the new cool.

Nobody seems to question why the guards allow it. They allow it because it is a tool of division. If you are too high to sit without falling off your chair, you are too high to write a grievance and definitely too high to defend yourself against a physical attack. To be in that state of inebriation in a prison environment is unconscionable.

The conditions in this prison are deplorable. The food is inadequate, staff unprofessionalism soars, open retaliation for grievances, deprivations of tier time and yard, outrageous canteen prices, while half the tier gets stoopid fucked up on the regular instead of waking up.

Spig is a very real problem here. I have been back about 8 months on a parole violation and it’s been epidemic in every unit and on every tier that I have been on.

Some of us have had the presence of mind to come together and organize but it’s a sad day when the oppressed openly invite and encourage and assist in their own oppression.

Hopefully, this is a transient stage, but it doesn’t appear to be improving.

Thankfully, those who will fight will always fight and those who will stand will always stand. Change has always depended on the few.

In struggle.

[Hunger Strike] [Control Units] [Grievance Process] [Prison Food] [Ely State Prison] [Nevada] [ULK Issue 80]

Nevada Prisoners Call Strike Over Food, Abuse and Solitary

In early December of last year a hunger strike was called at Ely State Prison, joined by at least 39 prisoners at the start and fluctuating over the following weeks. A prison advocacy group, Return Strong, represented the prisoners’ demands as follows:

  1. End the continued and extended use of solitary confinement, lockdowns, modified lockdowns, and de facto solitary confinement.
  2. End correctional abuse.
  3. End group punishment and administrative abuse.
  4. Address due process interference and violation in the grievance process.
  5. Provide adequate and nutritious food.
  6. Address health and safety concerns in all Nevada facilities and provide resolution status to them.

In response, the Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) ignored several of the demands, calling them “false,” (2) but addressed some of the concerns related to food and administrative handling of punishments. Lower-level sanctions that result in loss of privileges will now run concurrently instead of consecutively, and Aramark, the food vendor, is being questioned about the portion sizes. Even the head of the local prison guards union mentioned that they’d noticed the portions shrinking recently.(1) Aramark has faced repeated legal challenges regarding its poor food from prisons across the country (3), so the fact that it’s now squeezing portion sizes in Nevada doesn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Some of the more serious allegations NDOC ignored include food being stolen from prisoners by staff, the existence of no-camera “beat-up rooms,” collective punishment and indefinite 23-hour lockdowns excused by laying the blame on “staffing issues,” and the de facto suspension of programming for many prisoners.(4)

Prisoners at Ely State Prison voluntarily suspended the strike after four weeks and the adjustment of some of the handling of administrative sanctions were addressed.(5) We didn’t receive any info from inside or outside coordinators about how/why the strike ended, just that it did. If any of our readers can provide insight we’d appreciate it.

Notes: 1. Cristen Drummond, “Inmate advocacy group shares list of prisoner demands on hunger strike,” KNSV Las Vegas, December 6th 2022.
2. NDOC, “NDOC Leadership Responds to Hunger Strike,” December 9, 2022.
4. Naoka Foreman, “Advocates: Nevada inmates on hunger strike to protest food quality, prison conditions,” The Nevada Independent, December 8th, 2022.
5.  Sabrina Schnur, “Hunger strike at Ely State Prison ends,” Las Vegas Review-Journal December 30, 2022.

[Civil Liberties] [Grievance Process] [Lovelock Correctional Center] [Nevada] [ULK Issue 80]

This is Why Grievances Don't Work

The Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) is currently holding me in Ad-Seg because of a bootlicking inmate’s claim that I am his enemy. I have never had an enemy in my almost 20 years in prison. The real reason is due to my current litigation against the NDOC due to their violations to my civil rights.

Enclosed is a copy of a DOC-3012 form, I encourage you to print it in the next ULK issue without censorship in an effort to expose the responders for what they are! I’m also sending you a copy of a “Snivel Kite” I was given after reporting the DOC-3012 response to Correctional Officer Alfonso Alvarez. I encourage you to print it as well.

Nevada DOC 3012
Snivel Kite from Nevada Correctional Officer
[Censorship] [Campaigns] [COVID-19] [High Desert State Prison] [Nevada] [ULK Issue 73]

A Call to Action for Nevada Prisoners

The Nevada Department of Corrections, under Director Charles Daniels and his pet warden, Calvin Johnson, at High Desert State Prison, have, since their arrival, waged an all out war against Nevada’s prisoners. This includes illegal theft and misappropriation of prisoners’ money under the guise of Marsy’s law (money which is still unaccounted for), to the ban on prisoners’ access to visits, chapel, yard, law library, or tier, under the premise of safety concerns over COVID-19. Meanwhile prisoners are still required to work in unsafe and crowded warehouses, kitchens, etc. as if COVID-19 does not target workers.

These same criminals also committed the crime of biological warfare when they knowingly ordered prisoners to work while 15 of them had recently tested positive for COVID-19 but were left unaware of their status. This was used as a way to spread COVID-19 throughout the prison more quickly. This was, by definition, a criminal act!

And now, while prisoners are fighting to get access to visits, chapel, yard, law library, and tier (since the only time they are out of their cell is when working, or their 30 minutes to shower or use of the kiosk, or phone when permitted) these criminals have taken another action to attack prisoners’ rights.

Starting 1 February 2021, High Desert State Prison will implement O.P. 750 mail procedure as outlined in Warden’s Bulletin #21-07. This revised operational procedure is an unconstitutional attack against our right to communicate and be informed.

In effect this new operational procedure mandates the following.

  1. All incoming mail must be in a 4" x 9.5" white envelope written in black or blue ink only. If the mail received is not written in black or blue ink on the envelope, the mail will be returned to sender.
  2. All letters and correspondence within the envelope must be written in black or blue ink. Any other colors will be returned to sender.
  3. Any mail or correspondence received that is scented with perfume and oils will be returned to sender.
  4. Any letter received with drawings and markings that is not from the letter manufacturer will be returned to sender.
  5. Any letter received that are stained or discolored will be returned to sender.
  6. Greeting cards will not be accepted. All greeting cards received will be returned to sender.
  7. Inmates will not receive the original copy of letters and envelopes being received with the exception of legal mail. All letters and envelopes received will be scanned and handed out to the appropriate inmate. Note: the legal mail procedure will remain the same.
  8. If the inmate name is not properly spelled, the inmate identification number is not noted, the senders name/address is missing, the mail will be returned to sender.
  9. If there is writing on the back of a photo sent through mail, the writing must be written in black or blue ink.
  10. After all mail is scanned and distributed to the inmate population, the mail will be properly disposed of.
  11. All magazines and newspapers received must come from an established approved publisher.
  12. Pamphlets and anything copied off the internet will be rejected with the exception of pamphlets received through religious services.

This new operational procedure (O.P.) is the latest in a long line of attacks against prisoner rights and protections since Director Daniels and Warden Johnson have taken on their duties. This O.P. is unconstitutional and deserves challenge.

First, in order to restrict prisoners’ Constitutional rights, the state must show how the restriction is in furtherance of a compelling governmental interest. We do not believe that they can. The fact that prisoners are not receiving the physical letters/envelopes themselves, any act or restriction that bars or bans letters for scent, markings, drawings, stains, etc. cannot be in furtherance of a legitimate concern. Thus, we believe a legitimate argument can be made that these restrictions are arbitrary and unconstitutional.

Second, both the sender and receiver of mail/publications must be notified that censorship occurred as well as the reason censorship occurred. They must also give each party a chance to challenge the censorship. This is a very clear due process issue.

Third, we believe that a reasonable argument against the disposal of mail without due process is that the mail itself is the prisoner’s property, thus protected by due process.

Fourth, denying all pamphlets and internet copies have already been ruled unconstitutional.

Fifth, restricting all magazines and newspapers to established approved publishers poses a serious threat as it will ultimately be used to ban inmates access to materials and publications that the prison does not wish to enter the facility, such as Turning the Tide, Revolution, The Abolitionist, Black and Pink, Prison Legal News, Under Lock and Key, and other such publications. While “publisher only” restrictions have been upheld, rules which outright ban or deny publications have been ruled unconstitutional.

We are fighting this new attack, as we are fighting others. We are calling on all prisoners within the NDOC to fight for their families and friends, abolitionists, prisoner rights groups, and others, to stand up for NDOC prisoners and call for the resignation or firing of Director Charles Daniels and Warden Calvin Johnson.

Prisoners must utilize the grievance process, friends and families, or anyone else who wishes to help must call or write Governor Steve Sisolak or write Director Daniels - 5500 Snyder Rd. Carson City, NV 89702, and or Warden Johnson P.O. Box 1050 Indian Springs, NV 89070.

All Power to the People.

Let your voices be heard.

MS1 and MS26 - Revolutionary Front - NV

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[COVID-19] [Nevada] [ULK Issue 72]

Profits are the Exception to Safety During COVID-19

Dear Comrades, Greetings and Salutations.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has given the Nevada Department of Corruption (NDOC) untold power to trample the rights of the people in the name of “safety and security”.

I am calling upon you to use your platform and voice to cry foul to all that will listen. Since 19 March 2020, the PSU 9-12 quadrant of the prison has had its yard time and tier time cut down to one hour of tier a day and almost no yard. NRS 209.365(5), (B), (5) calls for a minimum of five hours per week of outdoor exercise. Administrative regulation (hereafter “AR”) 801.05(2) calls for a minimum of five hours per day of out of cell time. Neither are being followed. I am filing to exhaust my remedies, so I can file suit along with a few others. NDOC claims COVID-19 as the cause for the lock downs, yet Prison Industries are able to attend work up to four days a week (because the States money is more important than “safety and security” concerns!).

Laundry, kitchen, canteen, yard workers, etc. are able to be out of their cells (as long as it benefits the Pigs!) but everyone else stays locked in their cells for up to 23 hours per day.

I’ve been tested twice for COVID-19 and never received any results (my health is well). Medical Programs, Education, and all other Rehabilitation efforts (or any efforts that benefit the Prisoner) have been cut out totally or slowed to the point that they are useless. Mail is slowed. Just look how long it took me to receive your letter from 7/12/20 (I got it on 9/4/20).

My anger is building and my will solidified. I am here in this fight up to my ears, and I am doing everything I can with the limited resources I have.

I am grateful for the help you have extended to further this fight. What every prisoner here needs is more outside voices to contact officials and let them know that they are violating Nevada Law, and the rights of EVERY Prisoner affected by the B.S. lock downs and so called “safety of the institution”.

Let any supporters know that they can contact NDOC warden Calvin Johnson, AWP Monique Hubbard-Pickett, AWP, G. Picinini, AWP Jeremy Bean, and Director of Prisons Daniels at 22010 Cold Creek Rd, Indian Springs NV 89070 and PO Box 7011, Carson City, NV 89701

Or by emailing… Offender Management Division, or by calling Victoria Gonzalez #(775)684-0222

Flood them with complaints! Demand action to be taken! and let them know what they do undercover will be exposed.

Struggle on Comrades! Power to the People, all else is theft!

MIM(Prisons) responds: The Federal Bureau of Prisons also kept their industries (UNICOR) open during the pandemic, spreading COVID-19. What this comrade reports on in a Nevada prison parallels all of the United $tates, where “essential workers” quickly became anyone who helps circulate capital and make a profit. In the context of prisons, certainly someone must keep doing cleaning and food prep during the pandemic. But what essential tasks are the prison industries completing? While mental health, exercise and education are all considered non-essential for those locked away in the imperialist dungeons.

The pandemic has been an eye-opening example of what putting profits over peoples’ needs looks like. What capitalism offers versus what communism offers. We must admit, capitalism has been a mixed bag, with some countries handling the pandemic quite well. But overall millions will die unnecessarily because profit concerns were put over humyn health.

[Civil Liberties] [Abuse] [High Desert State Prison] [Nevada]

RE: High Desert State Prison's ongoing Practices of Violating Prisoners Constitutional Rights

Dear Comrades,

The reason for this letter is to inform you of the ongoing conspiratorial practices of both correctional staff and members of the administration that violate prisoners’ constitutional rights, state and federal law and the Nevada Department of Corrections claimed Ethics and Codes of Conduct. This practice involves (among other actions and inactions) retaliation, and deliberate disregard of the law, court orders, rule and regulations which are designed to sufficiently curtail official discretion by their use of mandatory language and confer a statutory duty upon staff to act or not act in a prescribed way.

For example: Administrative Regulation (hereafter “AR”) 339.01 (Code of Ethics) states at 339.01(1),(A),(4):“Employees shall be firm, fair and consistent in their performance of their duties. Employees should treat others with dignity, respect and compassion and provide humane custody and care, void of all retribution, harassment or abuse.” Further at (5) of the same section it states: “Employees shall uphold the tenets of the United States Constitution, its amendments, the Nevada Constitution, federal and state laws, rules and regulations and policies of the department.” This Code of Ethics is binding upon officials’ conduct and creates a statutory obligation.

AR801.05(2) states in relevant part that “close custody inmates will receive a minimum of five hours per day of out of cell time…” This AR is also binding upon officials’ conduct and creates a statutory obligation by its use of the mandatory term “will.”

High Desert State Prison(HDSP) fails to abide by the AR801.05 and over the past three years has never allowed me to have the mandated minimum five hours of out of cell time per day and in spite of many attempts to resolve this issue through the grievance process have gained no relief.

The American Correctional Association (hereafter “ACA”) standards for humane and decent confinement requires that each prisoner have a minimum of sixty(60) square feet of space unless more than ten(10) hours per day are spent in their cells, in which case eighty(80) square feet per prisoner is required. The current cells at the High Desert State Prison afford each prisoner a total of forty-two(42) square feet (if you count the space that the beds, sink, toilet and desk take up) if you count the space that can be used that is open floor it is more like thirty five(35) square feet(and that can only be used by one prisoner at a time without bumping into each other). This lack of proper square footage per prisoner combined with excessive amounts of time prisoners are required to spend locked in their cells creates an atmosphere of fear, anger, frustration, trepidation, foreboding and helplessness that has been shown to cause psychological deterioration, risk of injury due to sedentary state, and higher rates of violence against both staff and other prisoners.

There exists a pattern and practice of brutality and harassment by staff upon prisoners. Peer pressure among guards encourage this brutality and harassment towards prisoners and is further facilitated by indifference on part of the administration. Guard brutality includes arbitrary cell searches, theft or destruction of prisoner property, threats of violence, actual violence, and general day-to-day harassment via stare downs, comments and offensive gestures meant to incite prisoners to respond in a negative manner.

Prison staff as a whole are insufficiently trained, lack any ethics, professionalism, or fear of any real remedial actions for their violations of prisoners’ rights and open misconduct in violation of the NDOC’s claimed Code of Ethics. Now add to that the fact that HDSP lacks an adequate grievance mechanism for prisoners to legitimately redress issues and gain any relief and you can start to understand why I am sending this letter to you.

I have personally experienced the following unethical behaviors

  1. Denial of the minimum mandated five hours of out of cell time per day as outlined in AR801.05(2)
  2. Denial of the minimum mandated eight hours of outdoor exercise per week as outlined by Craig v. Hocker and Adams v. Wolf (and others)
  3. Retaliatory cell searches on the 26th day of November 2019, and again on the 22nd day of April 2019 (see grievance #2006-30-74343 and #2006-30-82177)
  4. Theft of personal property on the day of 26th November Correctional Officers Paryga and Atherton.
  5. Discrimination; based on my Religion(Muslim) by Correctional Officer(s) Willie Clayton, Bryant Vaughn, Mark Andrews, Chaplain Calderin, AwMonique Hubbard-Pickett from the 17th day of April 2018 unit 10B cell 18B.
  6. Destruction of my religious books by correctional officers Paryga and Atherton on the 26th day of November 2018
  7. Failure of Staff to report misconduct to their superiors on multiple occasions (see grievance #’s 2006-30-74343, 2006-30-71833, 2006-30-76928, 2996-30-76745, 2006-30-76481, 2006-30-73176 (Case# A-19-798011-C), 2006-30-82177, 2006-30-82858, 2006-30-82487, 2006-40-86894, 2006-30-90863, 2006-30-92151(and many more).
  8. Failure of superiors to investigate reports of misconduct via grievance, DOC-3012 and in person. See above grievance numbers as well as #’s 2006-30-98699, 2006-30-85861, 2006-30-92760, 2006-30-95375, 2006-30-96682, 2006-30-93407, 2006-30-89683, 2006-30-95705, 2006-31-00610, 2006-30-98706, 2006-30-00286.
  9. False or trumped up Notice of charges being used as a way to cover up for staff misconduct or in an attempt to chill or silence my attempts for redress/intimidate me into silence on 22 April 2019.
  10. Inhumanity to prisoners in the form of verbal harassment, intimidation, violence, and psychological games in violation of NRS 212.020
  11. Oppression under color of law in violation of NRS 197.200
  12. Unauthorized injury to a prisoner in violation of NRS 217.010
  13. Conspiracy to intimidate a witness in violation of 42 U.S.C.§1985
  14. Punitive, harassing and retaliatory frisks, cell/bed moves and reclassification


These and similar acts are typical. They are deliberate and concerted acts predicated upon evil intent and violate title 42 U.S.C. §1983, 1985(3) and 1986, these actions also violate state law and Constitutional protections.


This set of problems are deliberate and meant as a campaign of oppression intended to create a hostile atmosphere and to frustrate any attempt to secure peaceful and judicious remedies. This pervasive condition of confinement permeates every recess of the Department. It is condoned, permitted, encouraged and defended. The above mentioned Administrative Regulations are state regulations and such cannot be grieved pursuant to AR740.03(3),(B). Ergo, any exhaustion requirement imposed by title 42 U.S.C. §1997(e) is fulfilled by this correspondence prior to seeking judicial intervention, as such I am still attempting to redress through the Nevada Department of Corrections futile grievance process as way to prove my point further.

The foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and information pursuant to NRS 209.165 under Penalty of Perjury. This 7th day of July 2020.


[Organizing] [Nevada]

Hatchets for Maoism UFPP Statement of Unity

Hatchets for Maoism (HFM) is a faction of Juggalos (fans of the musical group Insane Clown Posse) that agree to the five principles of the United Front for Peace in Prisons (UFPP) and strive to organize to promote them in ourselves and others.

Because other groups use force, drugs, threats of violence, violence and corruption to further their cause and swell their ranks, we strive to take away each of those from them by denying them as tools we use to recruit comrades.

We refuse to be silent when others oppress anyone for any reason. We are a family of Brothers organized to end the injustice the pigs use to pit us against each other, and oppress anyone.

We strive to pull up all who seek a better life, and that are within the anti-imperialist struggle. We strive to create an environment of control through trust, peace through understanding and safety through right action. HFM chooses to give a hand up to ALL willing to pull their weight and work towards our stated goals. All are equal, all are accepted, all eat when one eats.

Power to the people – Anything else is theft.

[Abuse] [Campaigns] [Organizing] [High Desert State Prison] [Nevada]

Staff Misconduct Report at High Desert State Prison, NV

2019 April 9 — I hope this finds you hale, healthy and whole as well as blessed in all you do. The struggle here at High Desert State Prison in Indiana Springs, NV is vast and ongoing.

Our small group of comrades, Hatchets for Maoism (HFM) has gone to work getting the prisoners here to sign and mail out copies of the grievance petition you sent to me. The HFM comrades are also attempting to gain prisoner support for a mass grievance filing on the conditions of confinement: lack of out-of-cell time, poor food, lack of programming, lack of insensitive programs, excessive lockdowns, staff misconduct, etc. etc.

Correctional officers often use their pet rats to justify their misconduct, so I am pushing for all comrades to abstain from any rule infractions, actively seek out peaceful ways to end divisions between prisoners, and unite the people to effect real changes.

With that said, I'd like to "out" some of the real lowdown and dirty pigs, by name and rank, that try to use their given powers to vex, harass, retaliate and oppress all of us here trying to fight for our rights.

Warden Brian E. Williams, Sr. — was overheard on 4/3/19 saying "just put that inmate in the worst cell you can find for him, so he will choose to run with his race or die for trying to be a Mexican blood." This is the warden of the prison talking to a case worker about what way is best to break down a prisoner for asking to be housed away from racist gang members!

Sergeant Dale Roberson — files false and misleading reports as a means to cover up misconduct of his unit officers, justify ill-gotten sanctions against prisoners, and reduce their level. He also uses the cut and paste function to respond to grievances, issues threats and refuses to report misconduct of his officers when it's brought to his attention.

Sergeant Alexis Lazano — passes false rumors against any prisoner who he deems to be a "scum bag," often telling other prisoners that "____ told on you about ____" to incite chaos.

C/O Jeremy Hatfield — has a history of retaliatory cell searches, excessive use of force, and violations of prisoners' constitutional rights.

C/O Bryant Vaughn — has a history of prisoner abuse.

C/O Killian Lee — challenges prisoners to fight, uses excessive force and attacks prisoners that attempt to report him for his misconduct.

C/O Justin Gordon — talks shit with prisoners he comes into contact with, files vexing and harassing notice of charges against prisoners for non-existing rule violations that are so far past lies that I lack the words to explain. He once wrote me up for another cell's doings (it was later dropped, but, come on!).

S C/O Joshua Wikoff — harasses any prisoner that attempts to redress any grievance through the proper process, by telling other prisoners that "____ is a rat," or by saying the same in a loud voice at meal times. He also fails to report staff misconduct and throws away outgoing mail (including legal mail) and prevents the proper investigation of any prisoner's claim of abuses.

Lieutenant Julie Matousek — Tells outright lies, covers up Civil Rights violations, enforces criminal treatment of PSU prisoners by her subordinates and colludes and conspires to shut the mouths of all who dare stand up for their own rights or the rights of their fellow man.

I don't have enough ink or paper to list them all, but this is a start. Struggle on Comrades

[Abuse] [High Desert State Prison] [Nevada]

Foreign Nationals Denied Programming

As Trump yells about his wall to any that will listen and white supremacy has an upswing of 22%-50%, we here in High Desert State Prison (here after HDSP) see the effects of imperialism on the foreign national, who is unable to attend the same programs, schooling or get the same jobs as prisoners that were born here.

The foreign national population here at HDSP is subject to longer sentences, parole board rejections, and job discrimination due to their status as non-citizens and inability to produce a valid Social Security Card/Number. This is a violation of their rights as well as a weak attempt by the NDOC to squeeze every minute of time they can get out of the foreign nationals sentence.

This clearly race based policy and campaign of oppression is used to keep the foreign national under the jack boots of the state and milk the foreign nationals' family for more funds to support their incarcerated family member, who, if employed by the state, could offset the costs of living by working and learning a trade.

Further by denying access to education to the foreign national the state shows just how much rehabilitation means to them. (Not at all!) Most of the men I know want to work and learn and make the most of this vile place so they never return. But the NDOC stacks the deck against them and then attempts to blame them for failures the NDSOC has caused.

This racist policy must be eliminated at once. So comrades please send me any and all information you're able to so that I can help fight for the rights of all foreign nationals.

Call director James Dzurenda and warden Brian E. Williams Sr. and tell them that you're aware of their ongoing campaign of oppression and lack of fucks given for the vast number of foreign nationals they opt to abuse and maroon by refusing to let them program!

The NDOC is decades behind the times on prisoners rights, parole board control over release of prisoners, re-entry of prisoners into the community, and rehabilitation of prisoners. The only way to stop the abuses is for everyone to form a united front, call Carson City and complain.

Post this on the internet, tell your friends, YELL IT from the rooftops! Prison is not a place for rehabilitation it's a place of vengeance, retaliation and oppression and more often than not it all plays out on men that would be better served with treatment for their issues instead of being locked in a cage and treated like slaves.

I am calling for a national strike from June first 2019 until the NDOC (and other like minded departments of correction and "rehabilitation") lift the ban on foreign nationals ability to program, and allows them all to rehabilitate themselves the same as any citizen is able.

Let the pigs clean the tiers, serve the food, sweep the yard and see how they like not having "slaves" to do all the dirty work for them!

Power to the people! Anything else is criminal.

[Abuse] [High Desert State Prison] [Nevada]

Fighting criminal treatment of prisoners at HDSP

I am writing to you from High Desert State Prison here in Indian Springs Nevada. I am hoping that you will send me my own issue of ULK to read, as well as copies of your grievance and food petitions for the state of Nevada. I have a list of about 35 people that are willing to fill out and mail out the above petitions.

The state of affairs here at HDSP is criminal!

The grievance system is only in place as a way to slow prisoners access to the courts, and attempt to dissuade us from redressing our issues.

The medical department at this prison is inadequate and failing to provide treatment for prisoners, some even have very serious conditions such as cancer, hepatitis C, etc. It is not unheard of for a prisoner to wait 6-8 months to be seen after they make known their conditions.

The food is served in the same space used to cut hair, play cards, work out, shower, etc. The portions are inadequate and far from balanced by any stretch of the word.

Prisoners are denied the proper time out of their cells (Administrative Regulation 801.05(2) state that "closed custody will receive a minimum of five hours a day of out-of-cell time, contingent on positive conduct"). On average the prisoners in my unit receive 13 hours per week of out of cell time. 22 hours short of the mandated time!

Mail is often mishandled, lost or given to the wrong prisoner, because lazy pigs refuse to do their jobs and check IDs and match information before handing over pieces of mail.

The pigs often just slide mail under cell doors at 2am, causing prisoners’ family addresses, pictures and vital information to be disseminated.

The issues far outweigh anything positive that HDSP may attempt to provide us. I have teamed with my current cellmate to file as many colorable claims against the NDOC/HDSP as we're able to, but two against hundreds is a hard fight.

The support of MIM(Prisons) in our fight through providing us with tools such as ULK and sample petitions, books, etc. is invaluable!

I want to start to organize comrades here at HDSP and welcome your help in doing so properly. Please send me any resources you have that my help.

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