Texas Mental Health Services Don't Service the Prisoners

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Texas Mental Health Services Don't Service the Prisoners

I'm writing because I feel I'm not receiving the right treatment. I have stated this to the doctors and therapists here but the mental health staff don't care. I've been suffering from major depression since I was 12 years old, after I was molested by my mother's boyfriend. I've attempted suicide in the past; most recently was April 14. I had to be sent out to the hospital. I've been on life support twice. For the last 10 years I've been in and out of the hospital for suicide attempts.

The staff don't give a damn about what happens to us prisoners. This is supposed to be a mental health unit to help prisoners with their mental illness, but University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) does nothing at all to help. And the warden knows what's going on. A few months ago a prisoner killed himself and nothing happened. I've had nurses tell me they don't care if I kill myself. I've written grievances about the matter, and I've also written to senator John Whitmire and the executive director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) Brad Livingston. I'm not receiving any kind of treatment I feel I should be getting. I've asked for a new therapist and doctor. I've written the clinic director Dr. Farley, and Dr. Khawaja.

I've been having a lot of problems with my therapist (Mr. Dalazrer). Other prisoners and I have filed numerous complaints against him. I filed a sexual harassment complaint against him. He came to my cell door and stated if I wanted to get off psych and be able to come out of my cell I would show him my penis, so I filed a complaint. I wrote to the Ombudsman office, and the Inspector General Investigations Department. I tried talking to the warden. I filed the complaint on May 8, and it was complete on May 21. Nothing was done. Mr. Salazar has continued to come to my cell door. I feel very uncomfortable around him. On May 21 UTMB and the warden Comstock had a meeting with Mr. Salazar. Then on May 22 I was told I was being discharged from the mental health unit. I was told by a staffpersyn that I can continue to write to who I want, but that nothing would happen to Mr. Salazar.

Since I started filing complaints on Mr. Salazar and Dr. Patel they have retaliated against me by continuing to place me on psych cell, where I am on a "behavior management plan" and I can't come out my cell. Mr. Salazar has stated that if I don't talk to him, he will place me on psych cell. The reason I was placed on this behavior management plan was because I wrote a letter to my family explaining how I felt and the type of treatment I was receiving. I haven’t engaged in any aggressive behavior to be placed on the behavior plan. They have prisoners here who throw things on officers and medical staff, have uses of force, and get disciplinary cases and nothing is done to them. This is only retaliation. Once you're placed on this plan all your property is taken for a period of time. None of this is right. I have had an organization called "Inmate Assistance League" here in Texas contact a Dr. Penn in Huntsville Texas about this matter. But nothing was ever done.

I refuse to give up. I found out at visit from my brother that he hasn't been receiving my mail about the complaints I've filed. I will appreciate any kind of help you can give at this time, cause things is at its limit. The mental health system here in Texas is not good at all. I would like to request a subscription to ULK.