White Nationalist Groups Use False Unity to Gain Intel

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White Nationalist Groups Use False Unity to Gain Intel

There is never a time where we would unite with reactionary oppressors! They are our oppressor and will only pose as the help to gain intelligence on our views and actions we will take to stop the oppression we withstand daily. That's the problem from the start.

Individuals lose sight that to these bigotry-minded organizations we are stupid. They feel as tho we need them to survive. I don't agree with that at all, ULK and all the brothers and sisters make it work and it means so much to me that we have this movement. If these oppressors know our lessons and remedies for the oppression we hope to stop it will be so much harder for us to stand against this imperialist movement they run daily.

Just because they say they want to help does not mean that's their goal. See when they start sentencing whites to harsh treatment as they do our people daily and blanket the way we are oppressed then I can say their actions show they want to help us. It's not the case of wanting to help us it's about them gaining intel on our movement, so for that I disagree with any movement of this struggle joining forces with oppressive white groups.

MIM(Prisons) responds: This comrade raises a good point about reactionary organizations whose actions are counter to our goals. We definitely need to be on the lookout for groups that pretend to unite with us but actually use this false unity to gain intelligence and harm our movement, often working with the imperialist government. The United Front has no place for imperialist organizations or their lackeys.

On the other hand, if we are consistent in judging organizations by their actions and not their words, we should also be open to the possibility that unity with organizations that do not share all of our political views and goals is possible. And when we unite with these groups we need to be clear that we do so in a united front that preserves the independence of the organizations so that we don't have to compromise our political principles. This is why we oppose coalition politics: in a coalition all groups are forced to agree on the political line of the coalition, rather than uniting around specific goals. Coalition politics often quickly degenerate into the more revolutionary groups sacrificing their politics for the sake of the coalition. United fronts allow revolutionary organizations, and others, to be principled about our unity and build broad support for the fight against a specific enemy.

When deciding who we can unite with we must first assess our goals and our principal enemy. At this stage of struggle under imperialism, in the prisons our principal enemy is the criminal injustice system. Our fight against the criminal injustice system benefits from the unity of prisoner organizations in the battle against the injustice system, with all organizations genuinely working towards a common goal.