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[Palestine] [Rhymes/Poetry]


Swallowed alive by the 2nd Beast, digested for eternity.
Encaged, isolated and eclipsed, by spotlights under scrutiny.
Splinters in my feet, as I walk the plank voluntarily;
Poseidon’s fishin’ for me, with liquid dreams of recrutin’ ye,
into the rank-n-file to crowd-surf waves momentarily.
suddenly, loose lips opened up, like cannon ports, aimed at you and me.
verbal cannon balls sunk our ship, Amongst A counter-revolution of mutiny.
The mutants sold us out and signed a deal with Big Satan.
Long Ago, Big And Lil’ satan gave birth to their nations.
Over time their baby nations mutated, like x-men,
but with anti-hero superpowers to drop bombs on the next myn;
And also on their next Ken,
who ain’t even grown myn,
just Palestinian baby P.O.W.’s, concentration camps, got em caged in,
unescapable lion’s den of thieves, who steal lives from mere children.
I guess children’s Lives Don’t Matter, without world superpowers, like Biden.
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