Civil Rights Violations at Virginia Beach

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Civil Rights Violations at Virginia Beach

Greetings Comrades,

The dungeon known as the Virginia Beach Correction Ctr. is in violation(s) of the U.S. Constitution on a daily basis. “Sensory deprivation” is great. The double-bulbed 17 fluorescent lights are cut on at 3 AM and remain until 11 PM. This is certainly not healthy for any human, especially for someone as myself who has Aspergers’ and is battling dementia. Mostly after 11 PM the slamming of doors to this pod constantly occurs until the lights are turned on. Deliberate actions to antagonize, irritate, and exercise and flaunt power dynamics. There is no natural light coming into the pod.

Any complaints result only in the antagonization of the situation. The food is not fit for human consumption, is served on old plastic sometimes waterlogged trays and cold pretty much all of the time. Drinking water smells of mildew. Medical services are a plain joke – all about the $10 co-pay.

“Humans” are being forced to sleep on the dirty floor. Being denied free exercise of religion – no kosher diet or kosher items in canteen.

The Commonwealth attorney’s office is a “bully” holding charges over one’s head until they are to taking a plea deal. The public defenders are a part of the charade. The grievance process has virtually been eliminated. Last but not least from time to time all communication with the outside world is cut off. Thank you.

Remain strong in the struggle.