Defense, Solidarity, Freedom

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Defense, Solidarity, Freedom

It is absolutely imperative to defend yourself or your fellow convicts from harm or threats of harm while in the Department of Corruptions. This also applies to the brainwashed and controlled masses throughout the world struggling against oppression and sadism of the highest degree. We are in an authoritarian environment where oppressive tyrants constantly threaten our safety everyday. This includes the Department of Corruptions, the police force, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Family Services, and sadly some members of the Parliament, etc. These most vilest of parasites wish to drain any type of resistance the masses can muster up to destroy these evil forces of hatred. I feel it is beneficial that we examine some of these blood-sucking leeches who wish to gain economic influence and any material objects/money they may obtain from the prisoner/slave/proletariat.

Most prisoners are forced to work with no pay what so ever or suffer segregation for their justified disobedience. Not only are we forced to work, but we are given oppressive instructions of what to do and what not to do or suffer the consequences. This means that if a prisoner is indigent or owes big money to the state, he is given a small amount of food to live on. It is the square cooks responsibility to make sure “just enough” food is given to the inmates.

This is where the convict mentality comes in and realizes his fellow prisoners could use some extra food. Put extra chicken or Salisbury patties under everybody’s break or stock up extra pancakes on the trays. Put extra food items in the CRD and suicide bags. You are working for absolutely nothing, so at least gorge yourself and other prisoners. Some may say, "well they’ll throw me in the hole if I do that." Only so much can happen once the convict blood pumps through the convict's veins and realized the pigs can only do so much. They always need workers, period. It is only through the unity and solidarity between all prisoners to come to a conclusion that the pigs are outnumbered. We are constantly harassed, taunted and even assaulted by these prison officials. Who's official don't amount to shit but a badge. This prison is our home for the time being and it is our responsibility to run the show. More on this later.

Let us now examine the police force. It is these tyrants, whose job pays to exploit the lowly masses. Millions of kids and adults suffer brutal assaults and murders on a daily basis and call it justice. I have come to find a sickness in a pig who will damn near kill you with excessive force and have the audacity to say "watch your head entering the police vehicle." We are forced to pay excessive fines and do jail time for the pettiest of crimes, while the pigs smuggle any drugs or launder any money they find on us. It is this pig who needs jail. But most importantly destroyed.

As space permits, we will now examine the FBI, who will do anything to destroy the peoples livelihood. I find Ruby Ridge of 1992 a sad example. Vicki Weaver was a nationalist who carried very much love for her children. The FBI dubbed her a racist and attempted to have family services take her baby away from her. Miss Weaver refused to give up her child and was shot in the head while holding her baby. Not only does the FBI carry out secret assassinations, but they sweep their assassinations under the rug and target any radical or extremist they deem a threat. We are monitored through our smart phones, Facebook, chatrooms, tablets, etc. Anybody the federal government deems a threat will not only be placed on a terrorist list, but their every movement shall be watched as well.

America is quickly transforming into a police state and this is where self-defense applies. The Second Amendment clearly states, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” This does not mean that a bunch of rednecks may keep guns just to go hunting. This right was given to us to overthrow a despotic government. May I add it never mentions parolees be banned arms. It is our duty as a nation to put terror into the government that oppresses us. This is where I find this right beneficial to prisoners. We may not have guns, but we have power and might to instill fear into the administration's brain and really show them what a "safety and security risk" is. Any violation of our Eight Amendment right amounts as a threat to our living conditions when our living conditions are threatened we must instill terror into the administration in any way possible. This does not always automatically mean to resort to violence, though violence is a very nourishing idea when well executed.

Our defense must start with a small group of people, but rapidly rise to the whole prison population. Do not be brainwashed with the duality of consequences or be materialized with worldly possessions. This is only utilized to pacify the convict who has not yet come to terms with his slavery. In war defense is always going to be attacked with absolute monstrosity from the defending respondent. For any people who search for righteousness and justice must be prepared to fight for it. Living conditions can be changed, stubbornness can be overcome. True justice and freedom from bondage must be intravenously hammered into the convicts brain. Love, respect, and hospitality must be shown to the masses, as well as revolutionary education should be distributed among everybody.

To gain trust a sense of anarchy must be issued with an orderly form of resistance. Hierarchies must be initiated from all groups of political opinion. Then the hierarchy must illustrate the plan of success to his group of followers. Only then can we gain a source of order. Unfortunately the people who refuse to cooperate at any level of excellence must be deemed as a threat and handled accordingly. Through this endeavor should then all individuals cooperate. With our unity and dignity shall we then initiate a plan. No matter how brutal the consequences or how horrible the suffering, we must encourage one another to pull through and never give in. We must instill an amount of courage, discipline, and perseverance within our souls that refuse to be eradicated. We must pledge that nothing the diabolical snake of inhumane hatred and poison, injects into us, that we shall never give in. Only the peace and strength of mind, within each individual's hardness of heart, can we gain solace with one another and solidarity. And this my friends, is how we gain back our power, dignity, and respect. Solidarity is the only way we earn our freedom, behind these crumbling walls. Power to the People!