Georgia State Prison Close Security Abuse

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Georgia State Prison Close Security Abuse

This is not a notice to riot. This is a non-violent protest petition concerning the unconstitutional prison conditions and acts afflicted on the close security prisoners at Georgia State Prison. The following issues have been grieved on numerous occasions yet fail to be attended to. These unjust acts are mainly being committed in the locked down units of the prison, which is where the close security inmates are housed. The issues are as follows:

1. Inhumane living quarters: We are being housed in the condemned part of the facility. There are no sprinkler systems in the cell in case of fire. Mold, rust and filth have accumulated in the tray box and around the toilet. The vents and the window shield are filled with dust, pollen, smut, mace powder and toxic gases from the leakage of the sewage pipeline. The power has been taken which disables us from using our only source of clean air. These issues are unhealthy and the ventilation in these cells can vex or worsen those with medical problems. We rarely receive cell sanitation, raising the risk of being infected with staph, scabies, and various other skin diseases. The inhumane conditions violate our 8th amendment.

2. Denial of access to courts: In Bounds v. Smith the United State Supreme Court requires prison authorities to provide its inmates with an adequate law library. Administration deprives us of this right by failing to provide law library requests. And once we are enlisted to a session the escort officer (CERT team) seldom shows up. This is a violation of our 14th amendment, due process law to seek post-conviction relief.

3. Guards abusing authority: The guards are using excessive force while the prisoner(s) are in restraints and no longer resisting. Frequently forcing prisoners in the cells with another inmate, knowing one has hostile and violent intentions. Some of the inmates may try to refuse housing with an opposition of their social group. The guards then threaten to use physical force if he continues to resist. Reluctantly they comply and suffer being physically assaulted by the aggressor. Verbal harassment is a constant matter to those that grieve their abuses. Officers are refusing to feed those that they have a personal vendetta with. Inflicting punishment on both cellmates even though only one is rebellious. The promotion of violence has resulted in multiple stabbings and two deaths. This is a security issue for the prisoners and the officers.

4. Phone lines out of service: The phone lines are out of service and staff is refusing to fix them. Those that still have the privilege to use the phone are being denied this right. This issue is disabling us from communication with our family and having an alternative to grieve our problems. This malfunction has been an unattended issue for the past two months. The officer in charge and floor officers refuse to put a work order in for the phone lines in lock down unit. This is a violation of our 8th amendment.

5. Inadequate food portion and cold/spoiled meals: We receive meals that sometimes do not meet the adequate calories quota for dietary regulations. The meals are always cold and late due to the officer leaving them in the hallway. The morning milk is spoiled because of the long period of time it sits in the heat before being stored or served. The meals that contain meat are sometimes hazardous because it often causes stomach illness and food poisoning.

6. Officer carelessness with prisoner mail: Floor officer(s) continue to place our mail in the wrong cell and give it to the wrong inmate. Sometimes they blame it on the mailroom staff for putting the wrong housing unit on the mail. This has resulted in inmates' family members, loved ones, and friends being harassed or written to by other inmates.

7. Refusal of clothing and personal necessities: The prison refuses to provide the obligated clothing for new arrivals as a sleeper and/or permanent. The weather conditions require certain clothing and bedding equipment, yet they are rarely given to close security.

8. Vice grievances and procedure: Copies of grievance forms are not restocked weekly. Grievances are always denied and witness statements are always misplaced, making it difficult to have our issues resolved. These poor conditions and malicious acts have resulted in several assaults, suicide attempts and is stagnating the rehabilitation of its victims. This is physical, mental, psychological and emotional torture that is causing many prisoners to commit demoralizing acts seeking relief from this maltreatment.

Enclosed is a list of prisoners who are witnesses to the allegations and are inquiring them to be abolished. We also ask that we receive no reprisal from the Georgia State Prison administration because of our choice to exercise our 1st Amendment.