Goodfella indefinite lockdown to prevent unifying lumpen orgs

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Goodfella indefinite lockdown to prevent unifying lumpen orgs

Since 2011 GA DOC has declared war against all prisoners validated "Goodfella." As a whole all priosoners validated Goodfella have been held on lockdown at all prisons in GA for an altercation that happened between Goodfella and Bloods. While on this never ending lockdown DOC started what they call the "Tier" program which is a lockdown program for disciplinary inmates. All prisoners validated Goodfella were automatically placed on this progra, which is supposed to be a 9 month program. Then prisoners get placed back into population. The program was originally a 3 phase program. Prison officials implemented what they call a "3 plus" phase just for all members of Goodfella to keep us locked down as I write this we are still locked down and on this program.

While on this program we are stripped of all rights, property, liberty and subjected to inhumane conditions. We're degraded, treated like animals, denied proper adequate medical and law library. We locked in a prison cell 24 hours a day. Officers and prison officials constantly oppress and suppress us. We're not allowed vocational programs, education classes, job training or job enhancing skills. Newspapers, books, raidios, TV or nothing to help us to grow mentally and help us transiton back into society. So basically our brothers are leaving prison the same way they came in or worse. Nothing rehabilitative comes from this program. It's designed to break us mentally so they can control us like robots.

Since this program started look at the suicide rate and attempts in GA prison system. They don't care about the psychological trauma stemming form this oppression, suppression and repression that's elading to depression.

Myself as well as many other gang members have attempted to bring peace amongst our different gangs or organizations but now DOC scared to let us out for fear we going to unite with other gangs or organizations against the officers.

We've attempted to bring unity while back here on lockdown but brothers are scared and some still on some lil boy story and holding grudges. I went to the door last week and asked did anyone know who Bobby Seale, Fred Hampton, Huey P, Marc Clark, George Jackson and many other Black revolutionaries were. They knew one or two but no one knew everyone I ask them about. Then I ask about Bobby Hutton. Geronimo Pratt, Mutulu Shakur Al-Amin and got the same result and immediately I know the problem: our youth lack proper education. The history book only teach white history and slavery side of black history in the south.

Around 90% of inamtes released off tier program into society either start a life of crime and be in and out of jail, return to prison, do nothing productive with their lives or get killed. Why is that when this supposed to be a "therapeutic" program designed to rehabilitate and change our way of thinking? I'll tell you why, because the tier is being used to break us mentally so they can control us. We being oppressed daily. We being stripped of all rights and forced to endure degrading inhumane conditions. And people wonder why Georgia recidivism rate so high. It's because prisoners not being allowed to pursue an education, get trades or job enhancing skills so our comrades getting out the same way they came in or worse. Keep a man locked in a 2 man cell 24 hours a day for years. Forcing us to accept the small amounts of food on trays. Forcuing us to smell another man feces. Forcing us to live in inclement conditions. Forcing us to endure weather so hot if you move you sweat. How can a person be rehabilitated in this type of atmosphere. They can't they not trying to. That's their plan to either break us mentally or force us into withdrawl or depression where we lash out agressively.

Nothing positive come from this program. Look at how many prisoners have turend to mental health to try to relieve the mental pain being administered by prison officials oppressive program.