Heat Reality

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Heat Reality

If you would, please inform the Texas Civil Rights Project that Ken Paxton Lieutenant Governor is telling lies by the ton about what Texa$ and TDCJ are doing to alleviate the heat injury/deaths problems. All they've done is the very bare minimum to comply with the courts' directives. Our "respite" areas here on the Wynne Unit only receive cooling when high level visitors are here or during an ACA audit. During the summer all these fans do is circulate hot air. It's like living in a convection oven on this whole unit, unless of course you're any kind of rank and have an office, or you are a Warden of course. :)

Also the $100 medical co-pay information is still posted in the clinic and I understand people are still being stolen from by medical.

Thank you for your updated Texas Packet - June 2017. And thank you for all you're doing to help us and empower us in our struggle against the system's oppression and repression.