Mental Health Crises, unsanitary conditions

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[Abuse] [Smith State Prison] [Georgia]

Mental Health Crises, unsanitary conditions

I'm writing to give you a brief story of my struggle in this Tier program in Georgia. Now we are not allowed to have cups of chemicals to clean our cell with, it's done by whomever running showers in which they are to spray our toilet down with chemicals. But they stretch with water so it's no chemical only more water. You go around and spray 48 cells only twice a week then come with the broom and mop on another day. Now i wonder why all of a sudden we can't clean our space as in when we really need to during the week as well as on the weekend its all controlling.

Issue #2 now all of a sudden during a search on us it usually be lift our sack show your feet, hands, squatt and cough. Now it's lift you sack show your feet, hands, and spread your cheeks. Yes they want a grown man to spread his cheeks while these offices look at at you. Now if something ain't wrong with that picture I don't know what you call it. These people are mental sexually assaulting us daily.

#3 I'm next door well i was next door to this dude from Colombia and he was going through his crisis so the officers kept on teling him they would get him some help. For 2 days he ask them to get in touch with mental health. So he got fed up at dinner time. He didn't let the office close the flap back so the officer tried to call on the radio to Sarge Lt or OIC. Well this officer didn't get a response so he lost his cool and threw the lock at the inmate as well as trying to break the inmates arm or push it back in the flap.

After the incident took place the officer claimed the inmate tried to grab him by the shirt. But yet it's a camera in the dorm more like 3 of them. Guess what, this officer was gone for a good week. Now today 4/12/17 he's back like new. I don't deal with the Colombian dude period. He took it upon himself to say I was a witness without even asking me. Instead of fighting with him verbal I only did right for a brother in the struggle such as me. I wrote a witness tatement on his behalf and still haven't had 2 words to say to this broher. It's more of a business to stand with my brothers in these predicaments that we are in. I'm a loyal team player with ULK.