No medical, oppressive heat, and forced isolation at Hancock SP

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[Abuse] [Hancock State Prison] [Georgia]

No medical, oppressive heat, and forced isolation at Hancock SP

August was a long month on the tier here at Hancock State Prison. Oppression here is a very real thing. Forced to live in a tiny two men cell with another person. We shower 3 times a week which is really the only time we are taken from our cells.

We are denied our right to medical treatment which I have had to experience first hand. I broke my wrist last month and have still yet to receive any kind of treatment and expect to be given some 200mg Ibuprofin with instructions to take 3 whenever there is pain. I've filed a grievance waiting to see what good that does.

They say they feed us an adequate diet which is laughable. I came to the Tier progrma 93 days ago at 6'3 weighing 178lbs. I now weigh 154 lbs so I don't know if I'm getting enough calories why am I losing so much weight. Yeah the PA couldn't explain it either. He said I was a perfect weight for my size. That the weight I have lost was due to my not eating all the junk they sell on the store.

It's hard here we can't pass notes from cell to cell using string lines on Monday - Friday between the hours of 5am until 5pm. We are forced to talk through vents to neighbors on either side of us if we wish to communicate with anyone other than the guy in the cell with us. We're supposed to be given indigent supplies once a week but it's more like every other week and if you're asleep when they come in or in the shower your screwed til the next time they pass them out.

It's started to cool off here some thankfully. This building has no AC. The only ventilation we get is from the small meshed over window. Altogether conditions here are deplorable. I struggle on from day to day because I refuse to be beaten by this system. I study any and all law work or literature I am able to get my hands on.