Pennsylvania lockdown and mail denial

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Pennsylvania lockdown and mail denial

I am writing this letter to obtain legal advice or help with current matters which are currently taking place in the state of Pennsylvania Prison System. Beginning on August 29, 2018, Pennsylvania declared a statewide state prison lockdown, in which we were not allowed to send or receive mail of any kind. We were just allowed, as of September 6, 2018, to send mail out but will no longer receive mail and the mail they do have will now be sent to some third party in the state of Florida.

On the day of the lockdown, the guards wore gloves and face masks for their protection when passing food to the prisoners. No protection whatsoever was provided for us, the inmates, even though the correctional officers are the only people who reportedly fell ill from alleged contact with drugs. I have been watching "WJAC 6 News" in Clearfield County to stay updated with the current progress of events.

Around September 1st, 2018, the D.O.C. let us out to take one shower and when everyone showered, let us out to use the phone. From my knowledge of watching the local news, no prisoners have fell ill from alleged drugs, only D.O.C. staff, which could possibly be a ploy of some kind on individuals behalf. Around September 3rd or 4th, 2018, the D.O.C. started letting us out one tier at a time for blockout, which is an hour each tier, which holds about 60 inmates on each tier. We, as prisoners, have been mostly kept in the dark about what and why or when. I'm writing asking can you please assist in these matters, but if you write back the jail will not give me any mail.