Prisoner Driven to Self-Mutiliation and Other Updates From Florida Hunger Strike

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Prisoner Driven to Self-Mutiliation and Other Updates From Florida Hunger Strike

Revolutionary Greetings,

The USW update requests that we report some progress. Well the truth is there is no progress. I just went 4 days on hunger strike, ate 2 meals and did another 2 days without meals; none of which were logged in on daily 229 except the lie that I accepted trays when I didn’t. No mental health staff or medical came to see me, nurses walked right past my hunger strike sign on my cell door 3 times a day the entire time without even looking my way.

Today, 7/19/23, approx. 4:26 pm, prisoner Devin Lamm nextdoor to me in H2304 just cut himself and I’m talking really bad. The prisoner has a serious history of self harm. He has had over 25 blood transfusions. He is the 8th most cutter (self harmer) in the state of Florida, and I’ve repeatedly witnessed him tell the head psychologist, Dr. E, and every staff member and overseer here that he wants to kill himself and they all ignored him until today.

He is on CM (close management) for having a plastic bag of carrots in his cell. He was shipped to FSP for writing grievances and outside organizations about abuse and his gender dysphoria. He just got continued on C14-3 without reason except that he writes grievances regarding administrative neglect and abuse; heat and lack of air circulation due to overseas keeping the pipe chase open; disrupting the exhaust fans from pulling air into the cells from outside; and the fact that J Pay/Securus Technologies is making hundreds of thousands of dollars daily via the JPG tablets, but won’t issue chargers. Only two or three chargers on the wings of 51 prisoners, arguing and fighting about getting their tablets charged up.

He cut himself, we kicked and screamed “man down in 2309, man down in 2309” until the overseers came rushing in once that one overseer hit his radio. He was taken out on a stretcher - only then we knew how bad he had cut himself. At 7:45 pm, on my way to the shower, an orderly was cleaning up his cell and when I looked there was a puddle of blood still liquid. It had to be a few cups of blood on the floor in his cell.

I watched the look on the face of Dr. E, who stood right outside my cell watching Devin Lamm fight for his life while overseers placed him in handcuffs and strapped him to a stretcher. The prisoner who has repeatedly informed him that he was going to kill himself in word and in writing is now laying on a cell floor swimming in his own blood - all because he was repeatedly ignored by an entire administration which kept lying to the people outside who prisoner Lamm had kept writing about prison conditions.

Another prisoner asked me to get on his tablet and email his brother who has news connections on the outside. I wrote his brother a whole page about the lack of tablet charging situation. His brother called Warden Donald Davis. Donald Davis tells his brother that there are charging stations in the wing and every prisoner’s tablet is charged up 3 times a day: a pure 100% lie. That’s what we are dealing with here at FSP, Department of Cruelty.