Warren CI Ignoring Sick Calls and Grievances

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Warren CI Ignoring Sick Calls and Grievances

I have seen many prisoners including myself after being placed in handcuffs and shackles be mistreated and beat. This shit is real. I was done like this because I would not shut up a freedom of speech, which I supposed to have in the united snakes.

I have witnessed many other similar issues. Medical care, we are charged a $5.00 copay and it's very poor. Tylenol is a remedy for everything. I'm in long-term now, where no one's sick calls are being answered a lot of the time.

As to the grievance policy, the person has a good grievance a lot of times and don't get an answer. Pigs is very lazy and don't like doing their job. The food is not up to standard. You are given an ice cream scoop on everythinig. When you eat at home, try serving all your plates with an ice cream scoop for a week and you will have a good understanding of what a grown man's stomach feels like in here.

Strip searches are forced here in front of other prisoners, especially upon transfers in med custody, which violates a person to expose their body to other prisoners that can cause harrassment that is often homosexual. Personal property is searched and stuff thrown away without the prisoner being present. And prisoners' legal mail is read upon transfer in and out of being placed in the hole...

Please post this on to other places and people make copies. We need change and someone and many to reach out to help, besides listen. Please lead us in the right direction of hope.

Thanks so much.