Boycott Juneteenth: End Mass Incarceration and Solitary

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Boycott Juneteenth: End Mass Incarceration and Solitary

initiated in October 2021
updated on July 01, 2023

As you may know, Juneteenth has now been made a federal holiday in amerika. On this day many will sing the praises of Our oppressors or otherwise negate the reality of the lumpen (economically alienated class), that according to amerika’s 13th amendment We are STILL SLAVES. While We do not wish to nullify the intensity of the exploitation and oppression that New Afrikan people held in chattel slavery faced, We must pinpoint to the general public, those upcoming generations of youngsters looking to follow Our footsteps, that to be held in captivity by the state or feds is not only to be frowned upon but is part and parcel with the intentions of this amerikan government, and its capitalist-imperialist rulers. We say NO CELEBRATING JUNETEENTH until the relation of people holding others in captivity is fully abolished!!

We are looking forward to Juneteenth 2022. On that day We wanna statewide general strike. Depending on ones level of custody We will organize different plans of action.

End Solitary Confinement! End Restrictive Housing Units(RHU)!

End Mass Incarceration!

No work on Juneteenth 2022!

Transform the prisons to cadre schools! Transform ourselves into NEW PEOPLE!

Read a more detailed communique laying out the Juneteenth Freedom Initiative

Strikes are planned across Texas and in North Carolina so far. Prisoners are calling for a phone zap in North Carolina, and for rallies in Texas. Contact MIM(Prisons) to help organize support.

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Print & Distribute this flyer:

Juneteenth Freedom Initiative flyer

Lower Ink Version of Flyer

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