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[New Afrika] [Revolutionary History] [ULK Issue 85]


As I embark upon this mission to impose my spirit within your world, I ask that you be patient with me. I do not wish to cause you any discomfort but, I do mean to cause you to become “ANGRY” at the injustices that have been committed against every man, woman, and child, living within this capitalistic KKKountry called Amerikkka! Only when WE become “ANGRY” about a situation, a circumstance, a problem, do WE wish to do something about it. Therefore, as you read word by word, line by line, I hope that you become ANGRY!

As WE all know, the month before us is the month in which WE celebrate “Black History.” The “History” that so many wish, hope to, and try to keep away from US, Our children, and the people, will be told within the schools that so many Black, Brown and Red children attend. However, the teachings will be “whitewashed”, “diluted”, and “carefully told”, by those that do not want Afrikan History to be taught here in Amerikkka! Our history is their history! So, WE must tell Our stories to the people. Impose Our own history upon Our children. Let the people know that “Without Us” this so called “New World” would be nothing. WE must tell Our children the true history of Queen Harriet Tubman. WE must tell them about Nat Turner, Geronimo Pratt, George Jackson, Yogi Bear, Assata Shukar, Angela Davis, and those that played a part in the Afrikan Liberation movement. All those that lost their lives fighting for the freedom of “THIS” generation of men, women, and children. Souljahs, well, organized for revolutionary determination! Revolutionary Organized Sistas of the Earth!

We must tell them how those within power crushed our babies’ heads and attempted to raid our homes with guns blazing only to suffer their own casualties. We must tell them about the Black Liberation Army, the Black Ridahs Liberation Party, the Black Panther Party, and all those that do not get mentioned within those schools of hindrance.

With that being said, I end this with,

Vita Wa Watu

MIM(Prisons) adds: Black History Month is an attempt to appease the oppressed and control the narrative of revolutionary history as this comrade points out. It is only by sharing, learning from, and applying the lessons of our true revolutionary history that we can meet the needs of the oppressed. That is why we must build our own study programs, study groups, and organizing networks.

[Africa] [Missouri] [ULK Issue 83]

Down With Imperialism

communist struggle in Africa

Greetings, To all the “Warriors”, “Soldiers”, and “Comrades”, a new day is at hand. Those that have been subjected to “colonial rule” are rising up and ousting the “puppet regimes” installed by the enemy.

The brothers and sisters over in Afrika are saying “enough is enough!”. Those Afrikans over in France are also rising up! It’s only a matter of time before the Black, Brown, Red. and Yellow souljahs here on these shores say “Down with the imperialists and their flunkies!”.

We must unite and stand with those who wish to overthrow the puppets and install a government for the people and by the people.

Vita Wa Watu

[Censorship] [Street Gangs/Lumpen Orgs] [United Front] [Potosi Correctional Center] [Missouri] [ULK Issue 78]

Things Must Change, Starting By Uniting the Lumpen

Peace and Blessings to the Revolutionary Souljahs Around the Globe. I’m writing you because the Missouri Department of Corruption has found a way to censor “Prison Legal News and Criminal Legal News”. I believe that it’s retaliation for my activism. However, I’m not the only one that had their issues taken by Deputy Division Director Jason Lewis and Ryan Crews. Maybe they want us reading Dr.Seuss and Mickey Mouse!

Anyway, the Struggle continues and the Damus are mobilizing here at Potosi Correctional Center for the “Greater Good of the Multitude”, We are cleaning our own house so that we can put things into perspective and form some type of “solidarity” with the other Lumpen here in misery! Things must change for the Black, Brown, and Red! We have been getting slaughtered all over the globe and all we do is “march” chanting “Black Lives Matter”. If Black Lives Matter, then “why are we still marching?”. I do understand that there is a time for war and for the “fight to end oppression”, but how much longer must we sit by and allow the enemy to oppress us? We are many and must unite to combat the deaths of our Brothers, Sisters, Uncles, Aunties, Cousins, Husbands, and Wives!

Things must change People.

Uhuru Sasa

[Rhymes/Poetry] [ULK Issue 74]

Rage On

I’m a fan of literal and biblical hell
But I’m not a fan of people getting tortured to tell
Is it because I’m a Moslem that they feed me the wrong foods
Or can I say in Jesus’ name to make Jehovah say I do
She speaks better English than me yet she’s not an Amerikkkan
Maybe because the only citizens are the Ku Klux Klan
How can a European call home this land on the Northern shores
When the first inhabitants were the Natives and the Moors
Columbus didn’t really find this land empty
And George Washington didn’t really chop down a cherry tree
Columbo found this land full of “savages” he say
And that cherry tree was the flag of the Moors of today
I wonder will this be said amongst the People
And when will the New Afrikan be considered equal
I sit here contemplating hour by hour
And when I “Rage” against the system I yell Black Power
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