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To help people support U.S. prisoners in their daily struggles our website provides mailing addresses for prisoner mail, mail rules by state and facility, histories of censorship problems at each facility, information on which prisons have Control Units, prison population data and prisoner-led campaigns to improve conditions on the inside. (click state in list below)

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Maine Prisons

Maine Prison Population: 3,889

Locate a Maine Prisoner: no locator available

Maine Prison Mail Rules: none available

Maine Prison News

Maine Facility Listing

Facility Mailing Addresses Facility Rules Records of Censorship Prisoner Reports Control Units
Maine Correctional Center
  • 17 Mallison Falls Rd Windham, ME 40624-4101
  • P.O. Box 250 South Windham, ME 40820-0250
Maine State Prison 807 Cushing Road Warren, ME 48644-4600isolation stats
Mountain View Correctional Facility 1182 Dover Rd Charleston, ME 44223-3031
Somerset C/O Jail 131 E MADISON RD Madison, ME 49503-3019