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To help people support U.S. prisoners in their daily struggles our website provides mailing addresses for prisoner mail, mail rules by state and facility, histories of censorship problems at each facility, information on which prisons have Control Units, prison population data and prisoner-led campaigns to improve conditions on the inside. (click state in list below)

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North Carolina Prisons

North Carolina Prison Population: 54,374

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North Carolina Prison Mail Rules:
  • D.0310(c) Possible threats to safety and security
  • Policies & Procedures. Chapter D. Section .0300 Title: Use of Inmate Mail (09/01/06)
  • No hardbound pubs larger than 8.5' x 11' or 2' thick. Large softbound pubs are OK. No hardbound or spiral bound pubs in disciplinary segregation.
  • Policy & Procedures. Chapter G. Section .0300 Title: Administrative Remedy Procedure (09/24/07)
  • Under Lock & Key No. 22 (Sept/October 2011) on MLDP until 10/12/2012
  • Under Lock & Key No. 20 (May/June 2011) on MLDP until 6/29/2012
  • Under Lock & Key No. 23 (Nov/December 2011) on MLDP until 12/12/2012
  • Under Lock & Key No. 24 (January/February 2012) on MLDP until 2/14/2013
  • MIM Theory 11: Amerikkkan Prisons on Trial on MLDP until 1/23/2013
  • Under Lock & Key No. 27 (August/September 2012) on MLDP until 8/16/2013
  • MIM Theory 13: Revolutionary Culture on MLDP until 8/28/2013
  • ULK 69 banned
  • ULK 68 banned
  • ULK 67 banned
  • ULK 66 banned
  • sender first/last name required
  • NCDAC Division of Prisons Policy and Procedure (10/3/2021)
  • more info on mail rules

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