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To help people support U.S. prisoners in their daily struggles our website provides mailing addresses for prisoner mail, mail rules by state and facility, histories of censorship problems at each facility, information on which prisons have Control Units, prison population data and prisoner-led campaigns to improve conditions on the inside. (click state in list below)

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New Jersey Prison Population: 34,874

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New Jersey Facility Listing

Facility Mailing Addresses Facility Rules Records of Censorship Prisoner Reports Control Units
Adult Correction Center PO Box 266 New Brunswick, NJ 89030-0266
Adult Diagnostic & Treatment Center
  • 8 Production Way Avenel, NJ 70011-1660
  • PO Box 190 Avenel, NJ 70010-0190
Albert C Wagner Youth Correctional Facility Ward Avenue, PO Box 500 Bordentown, NJ 85050-0500isolation stats
Ancora Psychiatric Hospital
  • 202 Spring Garden Rd Ancora, NJ 80379-9699
  • 301 Spring Garden Rd Ancora, NJ 80372-2516
Atlantic County Jail 5060 Atlantic Ave Mays Landing, NJ 83302-2022
Bayside State Prison 4293 Route 47, PO Box F-1 Leesburg, NJ 83272-2010
Bergen County Correctional Facility PO Box 0369 Hackensack, NJ 76016-6925
Bergen County Jail 160 S. River St Hackensack, NJ 76016-6925
Burlington County Jail 54 Grant St, PO Box 6000 Mt Holly, NJ 80601-1309
Central Reception & Assignment Facility PO Box 7450 West Trenton, NJ 86280-0450
Columbus House Integrity One 377 Enterprise Ave Trenton, NJ 86384-4413
Community Corrections Corporation 28 Peerless Pl Newark, NJ 71141-1433
Cumberland County Jail 54 W Broad St Bridgeton, NJ 83022-2515
East Jersey State Prison 1 Lock Bag R Rahway, NJ 70655-5521read reportsisolation stats
Edna Mahan Correctional Facility PO Box 4004 Clinton, NJ 88094-4004
Essex County DOC 354 Doremus Ave Newark, NJ 71054-4882
FCI Fort Dix PO Box 2000 Joint Base MDL, NJ 86405-5433
Garden State Youth Correctional Facility PO Box 11401 Yardville, NJ 86200-0401
Mercer County Corrections Center PO Box 8068 Trenton, NJ 86500-0068
Mercer County Workhouse 1750 River Rd Lambertville, NJ 85302-2512
Mid-State Prison PO Box 866 Wrightstown, NJ 86400-0866
Monmouth County Correctional One Waterworks Rd Freehold, NJ 77284-4231
Mountainview Youth Correctional Facility 31 Petticoat Lane Annandale, NJ 88013-3039
New Jersey State Prison PO Box 861 Trenton, NJ 86250-0861click for rulesread reportsisolation stats
Northern State Prison
  • PO Box 2300 Newark, NJ 71140-0300
  • 168 Frontage Rd Newark, NJ 71143-3721
read reportsisolation stats
Ocean County Jail PO Box 2191 Toms River, NJ 87542-2191
Riverfront State Prison PO Box 9104 Camden, NJ 81019-9104
Salem County Correctional Facility 125 Cemetary Rd Woodstown, NJ 80985-5433
South Woods State Prison 215 Burlington Rd S Bridgeton, NJ 83023-3499click for rulesread reports
Southern State Correctional Facility PO Box 150 Delmont, NJ 83140-0150
Sussex Correctional Facility (Sussex CF) 41 High St Newton, NJ 78601-1725
Talbat Hall 100-140 Lincoln Hwy Kearny, NJ 70324-4624
Union County Jail 15 Elizabethtown Pl Elizabeth, NJ 72023-3480