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To help people support U.S. prisoners in their daily struggles our website provides mailing addresses for prisoner mail, mail rules by state and facility, histories of censorship problems at each facility, information on which prisons have Control Units, prison population data and prisoner-led campaigns to improve conditions on the inside. (click state in list below)

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Michigan Prisons

Michigan Prison Population: 59,041

Prisoner Rights Campaigns in Michigan:
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Michigan Prison Mail Rules:
  • Prisoner Mail policy directive 05.03.118
  • Policy Directive 05.03.118 p.5-8 only. Effective date 9/14/2009
  • Books must be published by distributor
  • White envelopes only, no stickers or address labels, no glue or non-transparent tape
  • no tape, colored/security envelopes, stickers (incl labels), colored inkk, watermarks, glue, padded/tear resistant envelopes
  • Policy Directive 05.03.118. Effective Date 3/1/2018
  • once rejected publications are on permanent restricted list - includes ULK 54,55,56,57, etc
  • 17Oct2019 Notice on handling Prisoner Mail and what is allowed
  • more info on mail rules

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