The Voice of the Anti-Imperialist Movement from

Under Lock & Key

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[Rhymes/Poetry] [Texas] [ULK Issue 4]

Under Lock and Key

As far as my eyes can see,
Not just the flesh
But our minds are under lock and key.
For hundreds of years
Behind “Justice” as an illusion,
Blindfolded by “Liberty” 2 cause confusion.
Founded by forefathers who slaughtered our mothers,
Established by “men” who slayed our brothers,
Our true names covered and denied,
Lashes handed 2 those who tried.
Something needs 2 be done,
2 change history about those who won,
Determination, Dedication, Revolution
in my eyes,
From the roots 2 the crest
Still I rise,
As far as my eyes can see,
Not just the flesh
But our minds are “under lock and key.”

[Rhymes/Poetry] [California]

Let us rise as one!

Set my people free, from the streets 2 the penitentiary!
I say a prayer 4 you, from the streets 2 the penitentiary!

I stand alone strap decent I’m ready 4 war
Military ammu I’m knocking at your front door
Mr. Oppressor open up and kick in like a slot machine
No excuses I want mine by all means
Doing crime is easy we getting by
Just look around, Black and Brown
Where we at, locked up, we doing life
They (oppressor) want us off the streets, the violence decease
Mr. Police “please,” y’all ain’t no better than me
Body bags is staking up and the system is corrupted as hell
The war, the drugs, these slugs, we bust
The rules you make, you break, we all stuck
Ain’t no justice, it’s just us
Believe that shit
Bloods and Crips at war, kids is killing kids
My soul is torn, my heart ripped up,
Bloody tears dried up, love ones I mourn
Love me or hate me, I can care less,
You ain’t the one:
Born in captivity, living in a struggle,
Contemplating death,
Mr. R___ a cop, damn right, let’s ride, till my last breath,
BanaRu from the feet up.
Those chosen few representing us, stay up.
The torch been passed down 2 me, flames in rage,
All power 2 the people, here I give 2 you
Rise and shine our time has arrived
It’s ‘our destiny,’ we must survive,
(Afrika)=Ethiopia is calling come home
Riches of all land, beginning of all man,
Mother 2 all earth, righteous land of our birth
The world is waiting 4 a new power 2 rise,
It’s time 2 wake up, open up your eyes
Let Freedom Ring, my people, hear your brother sing
My strong sistas, continue 2 shine like the sun
Lead and guide our generation and those 2 come
Get in the cell, get in the cell, they continue 2 yell at me,
Ayana Wewe, Ayana Wewe, I continue 2 scream
So go ahead and turn your back on all political prisoners and
pay us no mind, bu
Behind every action there’s a re-action
It’s only a matter of time
Are strength in numbers
It’s time 2 wake up and let’s catch the oppressor
While he slumbers
So all those who are with me “Put your fist 2 the air”
So when the revolution comes we shall all be there!!!
Enclosing I just would like 2 say, may you stay forever grounded and gravitated in victory against eh powers and
Principalities that conspire our collective demise and their
Constant rise!

[Rhymes/Poetry] [New York]

Surrounded by Indoctrination

by State Baby

Why must I act
A certain way?

Why must I speak
your vocabulary?

I refuse to follow
your made up unjust

Meanwhile, my people
lay in project cubicles
called Public Housing -
infested with roaches
and rats.

As the blocks become
land mines with strong
weapons of Genocide
such as guns, drugs, and
misdirected Anger -
that speaks out loud,

But don’t worry
crime is down!

The police said on
the news they seized
1,000,000,000 dollars
in cocaine from the
street but, they said
6,000,000,000 was

Surrounded by

Whose gonna stand
up so the kids can
grow up right?

And whose gonna reach
the political captives
behind the wall with the
pen we can fight?

I will, we can,
and MIMs
will not stand any
more to be… Surrounded by Indoctrinations

[Rhymes/Poetry] [California]

Para Bellum

You can toss to the right all the weak bullshit
All your fuckin jive
“the earth will be inherited by the meek”
Nah fuck that
The socialist revolution is what we seek
Know that we are toe tagged the minority
But really we are the majority
Victims of the imperialist war animal
That which destroys with the right
What the left creates
And the Proletariat?
Their left to pick up the pieces
And fight against the hate
So, fuck you capitalist lackeys!
It’s all over now
There is no more time for silence
We must stand
A red tide
Against the $ystem
That perpetuates our internal violence
Take the blinders from your eyes
That we are the downtrodden
And disenfranchised!
Alienation and exploitation
It’s all inherent
To the imperialist $ystem
Hell bent on subduing the masses
Wake up!
And quit enrolling into their stupidity classes
So raise your revolutionary consciousness
In time to Para Bellum
for only then may we fell them.

[Rhymes/Poetry] [California]

My Rage

Inside this cage I spill all of my rage onto this blank white paper to expose this place
Where I’m not locked down held captive.
Living in an artificial world with no rights but my mind’s still active
Thinking about the way things happened.
At 16 years old I caught a case and was sentenced like Osama Bin Laden
They say that the system’s to serve me
But all I see is wicked court judges using laws to hurt me
C/Os and wardens at work see
Behind these prison walls you’re no more than a fish in the dark see
The shark he’ll eat your alive
Get ta talking too loud and the man’ll put a hit on your life
See it’s easy they’ll just set you up.
Get another inmate to come at you no respsect or love
Once the fight starts their gone shoot.
And you better believe their only one real target is you
One shot then your life is gone.
And it’s nothing to them but paperwork and a short call home.
Right now I’m in a four wall hell.
Locked up in the hole living life underneath my cell
With just enough food to survive.
if I’m given anything lesser then it I’m fa’show gone die.

Crying tears for the years they gave me.
I understand the pain that I caused but was it truely that crazy?
These rules that they make are amazing.
It seems they only trap me in a world with a system that hates me
And once I feel that time has arrived.
To stand up, and speak out they shut me down with a basket of lies
When will they ever abide
By the rules that they set in the shade while we stand outside
Probably never and we’ll never survive until we all unite together to try and open the eyes
Of our brothers, sisters and mothers.
All families and friends
Cause even though we locked in prison we can still start trends

Ya feel my rage?