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Jefferson City Correctional Center - Federal

Got a keyboard? Help type articles, letters and study group discussions from prisoners. help out is a media institution run by the Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons. Here we collect and publicize reports of conditions behind the bars in U.$. prisons. Information about these incidents rarely makes it out of the prison, and when it does it is extremely rare that the reports are taken seriously and published. This historical record is important for documenting patterns of abuse, and also for informing people on the streets about what goes on behind the bars.

We hope this information will inspire people to take action and join the fight against the criminal injustice system. While we may not be able to immediately impact this particular instance of abuse, we can work to fundamentally change the system that permits and perpetuates it. The criminal injustice system is intimately tied up with imperialism, and serves as a tool of social control on the homeland, particularly targeting oppressed nations.

[Organizing] [Jefferson City Correctional Center] [Missouri] [ULK Issue 69]

Youth Ready to Stand Up for Change

Today a lieutenant pig walked to the cell next door and the prisoner explained to the pig that ey was in Ad-Seg for assaulting another prisoner. The high ranking pig said “as long as you don’t assault staff we’re cool.” And then ey walked away. I had to use much mental discipline to overcome emotion; understanding that this same misguided emotion has kept me and my comrades in these Missouri Department of Corrections (MODOC) Ad-Seg torture chambers for years.

Our kites are ignored, we have practically no access to grievances and it is only those strong in self-discipline who abstain from physical retaliation. Tactics I have often used to no avail.

There is a strong revolutionary presence in this Jefferson City Correctional Center Koncentration Kamp. Young comrades who, like myself, are gang affiliated yet well-studied and ready to stand up for a change. All we lack is an effective strategy that can truly unite us all. All I lack is the knowledge to properly form a United Struggle Within.

I am open to corrections, ideas and strategies from comrades and political prisoners more experienced and advanced than myself.

MIM(Prisons) responds: This comrade is providing an example for all, by contributing regular work writing and producing revolutionary art. We have sent em lots of letters and other material, but it appears to be largely censored. So, much respect for staying active in spite of this censorship. We print this letter to encourage others to speak on this topic. By sending in regular reports on your organizing you can contribute to United Struggle from Within’s knowledge of conditions on the ground and strategizing efforts. There is much to learn through practice in action.

On our side of the bars, MIM(Prisons) offers revolutionary education classes (study groups), political literature, and resources to help form study groups behind bars, and other organizing guides. But this support isn’t that helpful if we can’t get it past the censors. This underscores the importance of our battles against censorship.

[Abuse] [Jefferson City Correctional Center] [Missouri]

Denied Legal Rights at Jefferson City CC

Love & Prosperity from behind enemy lines. It’s been over thirteen months that I have been locked in the Segregation Housing Unit (SHU). I’ve recently been separated from all my brothers of war, and transferred to a new concentration kamp. And I tell you, this new plantation has these prisoners (slaves) domesticated. But I observed the same thing at my last concentration kamp, and look what happen to that plantation (it closed).

Re-education, and re-activating that radical recalcitrant is our duty, to those who have not yet awaken from out of the matrix. I believe that it is a necessity to constantly educate myself if I intend to re-generate The People.

As I’m currently committed to this mission, I also happen to find myself engaged in a battle with this new plantation staff. Whereas I have been at Jefferson City Correctional Center (JCCC) for nearly a month, and these pigs are denying all policies and procedures.

First, I have been in the SHU my entire stay at JCCC. Since being here I have been denied my right to access the court afforded to all prisoners by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

I have been deprived from obtaining any case laws because the librarians are asserting that I do not have Qualified Legal Claim (QLC) on file. How can this be when I have a court date scheduled in two weeks?

Wherefore I’ve followed Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and wrote the classification staff requesting to be approved for QLC, but you have a better chance of hearing a bird speak English than receiving a response back from a case-manager working in the SHU.

Jefferson City Correctional Center SOP 8-1.4 Access to Law Library Material

  1. Offenders in a special unit may not be afforded direct access to the law library; however, limited access shall be provided as follows:

A. offenders in a special unit must show proof they are working on a qualified legal claim:

  1. Classification staff will verify this utilizing the Qualified Legal Claims Verification Form.

  2. Qualified legal claims will be reviewed at least once a year to ensure they have not expired.

It is highly unlikely that I’ll receive any case law to further prepare myself before my court date. But to make things worse, I’m being denied my right to the grievance process. I requested an Informal Resolution Request form, to file on the deprivation that has been occurring. I have yet to receive a response or IRR, and this was three weeks ago.

Second, (Yes, there’s more) Upon arriving at JCCC I have been furnished none of the necessities I require to stay in communication with the outside world. (pertaining to my address book)

Whereas we are not allowed phone calls while assigned to the SHU, at JCCC. Whereas, our First Amendment right guarantees us communication with the free-world. Me and my comrades are being denied this right by being unable to obtain our address books.

SOP 21-1.2 Administrative Segregation: Assures the we allowed to possess address books and sacred writing. In which me and my comrade were never provided ours from out of our personal property upon arriving at JCCC.

SOP 21-1.2 Administrative Segregation: Also provides that offenders may request property that is allowed in the SHU by submitting a request to classification staff.

I’ve already done this multiple times and have yet to receive a response.

Third, offenders are afforded Library reading material. This reading material is supposed to be circulated around by second shift pigs. I have been here a month and I have yet to see officers passing out books.

SOP 21-1.2 Administrative Segregation: (1) Library reading material should be provided in the unit in accordance with standard operating procedures.

Library books should be distributed weekly.

  1. The Librarian will ensure the books for distribution are available in the unit, updating the selection on a monthly basis.

Fourth, SOP 21-1.2 Administrative Segregation provides that offenders should be permitted to retain prescribed general educational development workbooks or correspondence courses as in accordance with institutional services procedures regarding correspondence courses.

So I came to the conclusion that everything that is supposed to be entitled to JCCC prisoners, as asserted in SOP policies and procedures, is not being provided. This is just an aberration, for those who reside in the free-world and wish to know how the system is supposedly rehabilitating the so-called demented offenders. Because they are not following any of the policies and procedures laid out in their Standard Operation Procedures.

Furthermore, they’re even denying me my right to file a grievance on their violations of policy. I wrote my beautiful Black Queens to have them call up here and tear them a new asshole, also I requested of them to call the central office to inform them of what has been occurring at their plantation (prison). I also wrote the central office to inform them of the deprivation prisoners have been experiencing in the SHU at JCCC.

Just another day on the battlefield: push-ups and pepper-spray. We hold the advantage. Due to the enemy’s underestimation of the people. They characterize us as illiterate animals who’d rather be at each other’s throats instead of detaching the leg from the body that presses down on all of the prisoners and proletarians’ throats. We out-class the enemy on every level. Mass, fitness, age, experience (in guerrilla fighting), and even intellectual. But for some reason the vanguard is few in numbers. Unity among the oppressed has been dis-jointed. We have been deceived by propaganda propagated through the media and taught to us inside authoritarian schools. Consolidate with us Guerrilla Fighters (Young Radicals) and assist in helping dismantle the enemy that has been repressing the Blacks, Browns, Indians, and even the Poor Whites. Monopolizing capitalist economic growth off of prisoners.

To my young warriors, understand, just because we choose to engage the enemy in peaceful manner, does not make us peaceful.

“Attaining one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the pinnacle of excellence. Subjugating the enemy’s army without fighting is the true pinnacle of excellence. Warfare should not be undertaken unless the state is threatened. Haste, fear of being labeled a coward, and personal emotions such as anger and hatred should never be permitted to adversely influence state and command decision-making. The army must not be rashly thrown into an engagement, thrust into war, or unnecessarily mobilized.

“If it is not advantageous, do not move. If the objective can be attained, do not employ the army. Unless endangered, do not engage warfare. A ruler cannot mobilize the army out of personal anger. The general cannot engage in battle because of personal frustration. When it is advantageous, move; when not advantageous, stop. Anger can revert to happiness, annoyance can revert to joy, but a vanquished army cannot be revived, the dead cannot be brought back to life.”-Sun Tzu, The Art of War

As I require assistance from comrades in the realm of the free-world, please call up here if possible and demand action for the issues asserted earlier in this scribe.

  • That prisoners in the administrative segregation housing unit be provided reading material from the Library; as afforded by SOP 21-1.2

  • That prisoner in administrative segregation be provided educational material, when requested; as afforded by SOP 21-1.2

  • Also, that prisoners in administrative segregation be afforded the opportunity to file grievances.

I respectfully request that you call up here at Jefferson City Correctional Center at (573) 751-3224 and Request to speak with Warden Ramey. Also call the Central Office (573) 751-2381

[Abuse] [Control Units] [Jefferson City Correctional Center] [Missouri]

Missouri Long-Term Solitary Confinement Frameups and Torture

I am a Missouri Prisoner in Jefferson City. I have been in the SHU for over a year and the COs here, staff, caseworkers, nurses, etc are illegally keeping inmates in the SHU longer than necessary, refusing inmates medical attention, refusing inmates meals, harassing and assaulting inmates. I could list about a hundred more ways these capitalists are breaking the law.

I came to the hole for an alleged “guard assault.” I got charged with 1st degree assault on law enforcement and convicted with 20 years ran in with my current sentence.

When I first got thrown in the hole for this I was placed in a highly air conditioned cell in nothing but my boxers and shirt. No mattress, blanket or anything; save my toilet. I was like this for a month. Correctional Officers (COs) repeatedly maced me. When maced I was given nothing but a rag to clean it up with. COs refused me my meals and constantly made threats to “get rid of” me. When I finally got a mattress it was covered in piss from its previous user. The same day I got pulled out and my mattress taken. The pigs said I tore it up and wrote me up for destruction of state property charging me $68. My mail from my family was constantly coming up missing and the mail I sent out wasn’t getting to my family/friends. I was on a box called SSO (Safety Security Observation) for 5 months where I couldn’t get haircuts, use nail clippers, or get visits.

When I finally got written up for this so-called “incident” I was written up for 1.1 murder. The only thing is at the very bottom of the violation “attempt” was in parenthesis. This was done to keep me in solitary for as long as they want. According to their 1.1 policy, it says nowhere in policy that there is an attempt. It’s either 1.1 Murder or 2.1 Serious damage to an offender or correctional officer. I challenged this and was denied. I have been over their “90 day” violation free bullshit, yet they will not promote me to Phase 1. They have a Step up Program: Phase 0-3. 0 is solitary, 1-2 is double man if you’re not “single cell mandate” (get to that in a minute) and 2 you get food (nothing but fatty junk food) and 3 is double man with all your canteen, you can walk to chow, and go to gym.

I am thankfully not on single cell mandate, yet they continue to hold me illegally in solitary depriving me of contact visits.

Single cell mandate is where inmates cannot have a celly and either have to rot in Jefferson City hole or do a program in Potosi where you sit in solitary 5-10 years and get harassed by police and assaulted sometimes ending in death.

Since being in solitary here I have looked out my window and seen stretchers carrying inmates dead or extremely injured off the yard. Mainly coming from medical. The pigs here fuck with inmates so bad here (no joke) inmates are cutting their nutsacks out and nothing is done to help these mental health inmates, but a big help of maze.

I’ve been to quite a few Missouri penitentiaries, but I have never seen anything like I’ve seen here. Torture, harassment, and completely sadistic brutality, like 5 pigs running in a prisoner’s cell with helmets and riot shields beating the shit out of inmates breaking their bones. The phase system is a SHU trap. I’ll probably get fucked up for this letter if you receive it. Please spread the news of this so-called respectable prison.

[Abuse] [Jefferson City Correctional Center] [Missouri]

Missouri Abuse Denied Grievance Process

On 9 January 9 2016, I was the victim of an excessive use of force by Corrections Officer I. Eberhart that resulted in me having a broken toe, bruised elbow and hands, and sore back that lasted for three months. I filed a grievance that has gone unanswered to this day (May 1, 2016). The grievance policy allows us to move to the next stage if the first round of the grievance has gone unanswered within forty days. I have not been allowed to move on although I’ve requested to do so multiple times. These actions by the administration here at Jefferson City Correctional Center is preventing me from seeking redress in a court of law. Hopefully my grievances for a violation of my due process rights makes them go ahead and answer my previously filed grievance on excessive use of force.

[Abuse] [Jefferson City Correctional Center] [Missouri]

Fighting Missouri Abuse in the Courts

I just filed another lawsuit in the federal courts - Western District of Missouri - with this one being based on cruel and unusual punishment, due process violation, and a first amendment right to receive outside mail. It all stemmed from me being charged with a “threat on staff” and being placed on Special Security Orders, which allows them to take all of your property, strip you down to boxers, t-shirt and socks and force you into the cell to “earn” your property back. I slept on the floor by the door to stay warm as this took place in March 2015. I was given no soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, nor anything to clean the nasty cell with. I slept on the floor for four days before they decided to give me a mattress, pillow and two sheets. No shower for six days, and without the rest of my property for a total of eleven days. This caused the joints in my jaw to pop excessively, sometimes forcing me to forego eating for three to four days.

The due process claim comes in when the Disciplinary Hearing Officer refused to review the video tape of the incident to see that I never made the threat and instead found me guilty of the bogus violation. The First Amendment issue comes in when they continuously denied me my mail while on Special Security Orders.

This happens to at least four people a week or so. Therefore, it’s up to someone to bring this illegal practice to the forefront and address it judiciously. That someone just happens to be me. I welcome any help with this litigation.

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