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Northern Nevada Correctional Center - Federal

Got legal skills? Help out with writing letters to appeal censorship of MIM Distributors by prison staff. help out is a media institution run by the Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons. Here we collect and publicize reports of conditions behind the bars in U.$. prisons. Information about these incidents rarely makes it out of the prison, and when it does it is extremely rare that the reports are taken seriously and published. This historical record is important for documenting patterns of abuse, and also for informing people on the streets about what goes on behind the bars.

We hope this information will inspire people to take action and join the fight against the criminal injustice system. While we may not be able to immediately impact this particular instance of abuse, we can work to fundamentally change the system that permits and perpetuates it. The criminal injustice system is intimately tied up with imperialism, and serves as a tool of social control on the homeland, particularly targeting oppressed nations.

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Brutalized for Filing Lawsuit on Prison Officials

December 7, 2015 was the first time in 29 years down a prison weapon was used on me, and I’m supposed to be angry at the “inmate(s).” Instead I believe questionable prison officials using prisoners affiliated with Security Threat Groups and Disruptive Groups at this unnamed institution told them it was “open season” on me because of my “dirty paper work” that brought prisoner to prison. And since prison officials can’t shut me up because of my first amendment, freedom of speech, they turned to prisoners to do their dirty work by intentionally setting me up to be attacked by other prisoners.

I was being brought to a hospital while prison officials were dismantling my property as well evidence I was going to use against prison officials.

The last paragraph of the court order reads: “if the Plaintiff prevails in this action, the court shall enter an order pursuant to WRS 12.015 requiring the opposing party to pay into the court, within five (5) days, the costs which would have been incurred by the prevailing party, and those costs must then be paid as provided by law.”

Then on the fifth day a prisoner who, in 29 years has never had a weapon used on him, never been a security problem, all of a sudden is being brought to a hospital!

It is time to hold state actors accountable for the mistreatment they do to all prisoners of any race no matter what they’re in prison for today. I have never been a snitch even though prison officials are spreading a rumor that I was. Nevada inmates have to come together to not allow the prison officials to get the prison population fighting each other instead of seeing the truth. To all Nevada prisoners of any race, let us break this chain of hatred going into 2016 and fight with the pen against those who keep us chained up, use the First Amendment. Do not allow the adverse actions taken by prison officials to be the prisoners’ downfall.

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