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Got a keyboard? Help type articles, letters and study group discussions from prisoners. help out is a media institution run by the Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons. Here we collect and publicize reports of conditions behind the bars in U.$. prisons. Information about these incidents rarely makes it out of the prison, and when it does it is extremely rare that the reports are taken seriously and published. This historical record is important for documenting patterns of abuse, and also for informing people on the streets about what goes on behind the bars.

We hope this information will inspire people to take action and join the fight against the criminal injustice system. While we may not be able to immediately impact this particular instance of abuse, we can work to fundamentally change the system that permits and perpetuates it. The criminal injustice system is intimately tied up with imperialism, and serves as a tool of social control on the homeland, particularly targeting oppressed nations.

[COVID-19] [Drugs] [Abuse] [LeBlanc Unit] [Texas]

R.P. LeBlanc Unit covid lockdown continues restrictions on visitation, food, legal materials

  1. Rumors abound about the system wide banning of desserts except for holidays. Yet, desserts are offered with every meal in the officer’s dining room.

  2. The offender dining room store rooms are running low due to a disruption of the distribution pipeline due to COVID. As well as with 12 out of 18 wings (64 men pen wing) locked down here due to positive tests. More trays are having to be made as about 15-20 men per wing don’t go eat at any given meal usually, but on lockdowns each man on lockdown must be given a tray (delivered to the wing – hot food). What I don’t understand is vaccinated prisoner workers are allowed to ingress/degress from these wings but only to help out with labor: not for school, medical, dental, or parole.

  3. One N-95 was distributed last year: one. Men in here wearing any ol’ flimsy rag to meet the requirement that “all inmates must wear a mask at all times.” One N-95 mask was distributed on 11 Jan 2022 to meet Biden’s mandate. No effort is being made to keep inmates 6 feet apart, crowding the chow halls (for those not on lockdown). Guards won’t wear masks because it “messed up their make up.”

  4. 3 legal items are allowed (to order if on lock down) Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and legal materials are allowed to be kept for two hours. One legal item would be like one court case from Nexis-Lexis or BP3.91 for example.

  5. Phone pen minute is at 6 cents/min, but TDCJ is now instituting its restrictions if found guilty of behavioral violations. Example: 30 days Comm. Restriction, 30 days recreation restriction, 30 days offender telephone system for code 24 refusing to obey a direct order (1st offense). No phone restrictions during COVID til now.

  6. Our general library on LeBlanc only allows 5 minutes to a weekly visit. No newspapers, magazines, or reference materials are allowed to be viewed, nor are hours of operation posted for viewing by offenders as per offender book policy. Step one grievance written on 24 October 2021 was never answered nor reviewed. Grievance Officer Pender of the LeBlanc Unit is allowing grievances to disappear/go unanswered sometimes.

  7. Meat-free meals requested instead of pork are given 1oz scoop of peanut butter mixed half and half with syrup or jelly. Policy states scoop will be 2 oz of peanut butter or if one ounce scoop is used. 1 piece of cheese or 1 egg will also be provided. Two 4 oz scoops of beans given either way.

  8. K-2 use is rampant with most coming in through the mail in the form of paper-typewriter pages.

  9. This unit is mostly for those granted parole or small-timers or like me – wheelchair bound. Very little activist activity being done.

[Medical Care] [Abuse] [LeBlanc Unit] [Texas]

No Wheelchair Accomodations in Texas

I am in need of some help with some legal work or someone to tell me what I need to do about being on a unit that doesn’t have anything for wheelchairs to be here on this unit. I have a lot of medical problems and can not walk. This unit has no 24 hour medical and there is nothing for a wheelchair to be on this unit. The nurses on this unit try to be a PA or MD when they are just a nurse and that is it. I have filed grievance after grievance and nothing has gone good about anything on this problem I am having on this unit. Is there anything you could help me on this problem please?

[Abuse] [LeBlanc Unit] [Texas]

LeBlanc Texas Disregards Grievance System

Changes to law library content has made the acquisition and perusal of the Texas Offender Grievance Manual nearly, if not totally, impossible in spite of board and administrative directives requiring them to be in the law library for use in researching grievance rules, stipulations, and instructive information.

I have had two grievances which have been rejected as redundant with the added statement that only one grievance per disciplinary is allowed. I ask that you refer me to legal counsel, yours or another’s, who could pursue this blatant disregard of the grievance system and my right to use it as well as the denial of my due process rights under both the Texas and U.S. Constitutions. I also need to be able to send legal mail to prevent it and other information it may contain from being gleaned for information I want to keep private.

In addition, I would like your Texas Pack sent to me with updates to all available legal actions currently being pursued by other entities and any case numbers to which I may refer to for further information.

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