Prisoners Report on Conditions in

Federal Prisons

Can you do layout? Help out by laying out pamphlets and study packs to mail to prisoners. help out is a media institution run by the Maoist Internationalist Ministry of Prisons. Here we collect and publicize reports of conditions behind the bars in U.$. prisons. Information about these incidents rarely makes it out of the prison, and when it does it is extremely rare that the reports are taken seriously and published. This historical record is important for documenting patterns of abuse, and also for informing people on the streets about what goes on behind the bars.

We hope this information will inspire people to take action and join the fight against the criminal injustice system. While we may not be able to immediately impact this particular instance of abuse, we can work to fundamentally change the system that permits and perpetuates it. The criminal injustice system is intimately tied up with imperialism, and serves as a tool of social control on the homeland, particularly targeting oppressed nations.

[Abuse] [Lychner Unit] [Texas]

State Jail Violating Federal Laws

I will tell you about this prison conditions in this state jail because the prison system in Texas has created a state jail (to squeeze more money from the honest taxpayers). The state jail runs this place in all kinds of ways except the right way.

For example: one of the federal stipulations in the cases of Wolf vs McDonald (in California) and Ruiz vs Estelle (in TX). The federal courts passed a new rule that states when the prison system conducts a disciplinary court, they must have a tape recorder. This state jail does not have one tape recorder. Never has.

[Abuse] [North Carolina]

Gang affiliation guilty by association

I am writing with concerns pertaining to the (SRG) gang issue that's been hindering so many individuals in the North Carolina prison institutions. Guilty by association has been at the forefront of bestowing gang affiliation. I feel a person should only be labeled if caught in the act of any malicious behavior with a gang member.

One thing that stands out from this whole ordeal the most is how the gang intelligence officers use confidential information to gain a guilty verdict against you with the hearing examiner.

How are you supposed to face your accuser when you don't know anything about the source from which it came? It's a violation of your constitutional rights no matter what type of label is placed upon you. I feel the situation should be taken seriously due to the fact that, as a human being, it puts restrictions on one's life, as well as scrutiny in the public eye.

I am currently going through these circumstances and it is very frustrating knowing that you have to be accountable for someone else's actions even when the evidence speaks for itself. I fully overstand that being black in amerikkka is an everyday struggle, especially when it comes to judging an entire race. My mindset is to overcome these obstacles and maintain a sense of focus on being successful.

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Downloadable Grievance Petition - Federal Appeal

Click to download PDF of Federal petition

When state-level petitions fail, we now have this petition to appeal to the Department of Justice. This federal level appeal may help put pressure on the state corrections departments ignore our appeals

Mail the petition to your loved ones and comrades inside who are experiencing issues with the grievance procedure. Send them extra copies to share! For more info on this campaign, click here.

Prisoners should send a copy of the signed petition to each of the addresses below. Supporters should send letters on behalf of prisoners.

Section Chief – Special Litigation Section, Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20530

ACLU National Prison Project, 915 15th St NW, 7th floor, Washington DC, 20005-2112 (for those ready to bring class action lawsuits)

Office of the U.S. Attorney General, 1425 New York Ave. NW, Washington DC 20530-0001

Director/Commissioner/Secretary of Corrections (for your state)

Agency or Facility Grievance System Director or Coordinator (for your state)

And send MIM(Prisons) copies of any responses you receive!
MIM(Prisons), USW
PO Box 40799
San Francisco, CA 94140

La Política de la Encarcelación Masiva

Más de 2 millones de personas se encuentran encerradas en prisiones y cárceles en los Estado$ Unido$. Estos encarcelamientos representan sólo 1% de la población. Casi 7 millones de personas han estado bajo la supervisión del Sistema Correccional para Adultos (incluyendo libertad condicional y probación) a finales del 2015. (1) Y en el 2012, los últimos datos disponibles del Departamento de Justicia de E.E.U.U., el total de la cantidad de dinero gastado en el sistema de Injusticia Criminal entre los gobiernos Federal, Estatal y local fue de $265,160,340,000. Estas prisiones son responsables de $80,791,046,000. 2) Estas prisiones son increíblemente costosas para el estado y estos prisiones cuestan mucho más que lo que producen. 3) La pregunta es, porqué el gobierno, en todos los niveles, continúa gastando tanto dinero para mantener tanta gente encerrada? Y porqué los Estados Unidos tienen la tasa de encarcelamiento más alta que en cualquier otro país del mundo?.

El mito del complejo industrial de prisiones

El meme del complejo de la Industria de Prisiones (PIC) se ha convertido efectivamente popular en Estados Unidos. Detrás del concepto del PIC está la creencia que hay grandes intereses de parte de grandes corporaciones y por eso hay encarcelamiento masivo en los Estados Unidos. Esto representa la política Amerikana que aparenta ser "anti-corporativa", mientras niega la estructura de clase de un país que está formado casi completamente de una clase de gente que sigue siendo explotada.

Mientras que si hay algunas corporaciones están, ciertamente, ganando dinero gracias a estas prisiones, la mayoría de las prisiones son operaciones que hacen perder dinero al gobierno. Básicamente, el gobierno subsidia las ganancias e ingresos de varias corporaciones y muchos de los así llamados "trabajadores" individuales (vea el artículo de Costos de encarcelamiento). Si nosotros examinamos las estadísticas de las prisiones, ondas económicas, prisiones privadas y la “diversidad” de la población de prisioneros, entonces si nos queda claro que las prisiones son fundamentalmente para el control social sobre naciones opresoras dentro de las Kkkulebras Unidas (Estado$ Unido$). Esto nos lleva a unas conclusiones importantes sobre cómo funciona el sistema de prisiones y cómo debemos de luchar contra estas.

Baja la tasa de encarcelamiento

En general, la población en las prisiones y cárceles en los Estado$ Unido$ ha estado disminuyendo en estos años recientes, junto con el ritmo de encarcelamiento. El número total de gente en prisión y cárceles empezó a caer en el año 2009, después de décadas de incrementos estables prisión y cárceles empezó a caer en el año 2009, después de décadas de incrementos estables.

En realidad los incrementos en el año 2008 no pudieron mantenerse con el incremento de la población en los Estado$ Unido$, puesto que el nivel en el año 2007 estaba con 1 en cada 31 personas estando bajo alguna supervisión correccional (incluyendo cárceles, prisiones, libertad condicional y periodo de prueba-probación). La población en las prisiones tuvo su pico en el 2006-2008 con un 1% de la población adulta encerrados tras las rejas. Esto cayó al .87% al final del 2015. (4)

La crisis financiera reciente se alinea con la caída de encarcelamiento empezando desde el año 2008. Parece ser que el gobierno de Estado$ Unido$ sí tiene límites en su voluntad de gastar dinero en un sistema criminal injusto. Si encarcelar a gente fuese una manera de aumentar las ganancias, entonces el número de prisioneros aumentaría cuando hubiese una crisis financiera, no descendería.

Prisiones Privadas

El desarrollo de prisiones privadas en el sistema criminal injusto de Amerika son un peligro. Estas prisiones son operadas y son propiedad de corporaciones con fines lucrativos. Estas prisiones privadas toman posesión de cualquier reo de cualquier Estado que les page por su servicio. En los Estados donde hay sobre población, mandar gente a una prisión lucrativa es una buena opción de negocio. Estas corporaciones también tratan de vender sus servicios como más baratos y eficientes, básicamente reduciendo los servicios de nivel ya peligrosamente bajo a los prisioneros, a fin de ahorrarse en costos, porque como hemos visto, las prisiones son extremadamente costosas de mantener.

A los finales del 2105, El Buro de Prisiones Federales y 18 Estados estaban saturadas o excedían la capacidad máxima de las instalaciones de las prisiones.(5) Hay que esperar esos contratos de parte de prisiones hacia prisiones privadas. Pero el actual porcentaje de prisioneros en prisiones privadas es relativamente bajo. En el 2015, solamente el 8% de prisioneros estatales y Federales ocupaban complejos privados. Y este número bajo 4% desde el 2014. 6) Esta caída es mayor que la disminución del 2.2% en cantidad de presos entre los años 2014 y 2015.

Si las prisiones privadas fueran tan exitosas, entonces deberíamos ver estos números aumentar, y no disminuir. Y si fueran tan influyentes con los políticos, entonces tendrían un mayor valor en el mercado. Claramente, las prisiones privadas no son la parte principal de algunos "complejos de prisiones industriales." Hasta ahora, las corporaciones no han descifrado cómo generar ganancias, de forma exitosa, de las prisiones, aparte del bajo subsidio limosnero que reciben de parte del gobierno y la comisaria. Y además de todo esto, los gobiernos estatales y federales están perdiendo dinero al tener que pagar por prisiones.

Hay mucho activismo opuesto a las prisioneras privadas. Esto generalmente viene de gente que entiende que la privatización de una institución usualmente no tiene un buen resultado para los oprimidos. El activismo influye al gobierno. Es posible que las voces en contra de prisiones privadas ayudó a empujar a la administración de Obama para que implementara las pólizas de facetas fuera de las prisiones privadas para reos Federales. La administración de Trump ha repelado esa política desde entonces.

Pero no creemos que esta pregunta sea políticamente partidista. El gobierno de E.U. ha mostrado que no parará hasta implementar políticas que empujen ganancias industriales capitalistas. Los ataques violentos contra activistas que protestaban por la destrucción de la Línea de Tubería de Acceso de Dakota es un buen ejemplo. Esto no es una lucha contra corporaciones capitalistas, esto es un debate sobre qué grupo de gente recibe un subsidio del gobierno: corporaciones de prisiones privadas, o empleados de prisiones públicas. Alejarse de las prisiones privadas no es doloroso para el gobierno, porque esto no requiere una disminución de prisiones, sólo un cambio hacia donde se va el dinero.

Opresión Nacional

Entonces, si no para ganancia de dinero, porque Estados Unidos encierra tanta gente? La repuesta a esta pregunta es obvio cuando vemos a los presos y al el historial de encarcelamiento en este país. Es imposible hablar de prisiones sin mencionar la tremenda desigualdad en que el sistema de injusticia criminal trata a [email protected], Primeras Naciones, y Nuevos Afrikanos, dentro de las fronteras de Estados Unido$. La tasa de encarcelamiento es ridículamente alta, particularmente para los hombres de estas naciones mencionados, es la desigualdad más obvia.

Aproximadamente el 12-13% de la población de Estados Unidos son Afrikanos Nuevos, pero los Nuevos Afrikanos hacen alrededor del 35% de prisioneros. (7). La tasa de encarcelamiento de las Primeras Naciones también esta desproporcionadamente alta. En Dakota del Sur, por ejemplo, la población Indígena forma el 8% de la población en ese Estado, pero forman el 22% de la población masculina, y el 35% de la población femenina en prisiones de ese estado. Mientras, que las [email protected] son encarcelados a una escala mayor que los Euro-Amerikkkanos.

Cualquier estudio del sistema de injusticia revela la misma evidencia: La mayoría de prisioneros son de naciones oprimidas. Aunque la realidad es que hay más Euro-Amerikkanos en E.E.U.U. que todas las naciones oprimidas combinadas.

La desigualdad empieza en las calles con los policías encargándose de las comunidades oprimidas, y continúa en las cortes con sentencias desproporcionadas, representación legal inadecuada, y un jurado sin conciencia o con consciencia pero prejuiciosa. Para cuando llegamos a la prisión, podemos ver con claridad el resultado de la opresión sistematizada nacional en las tasas de encarcelamiento.

El uso agresivo de prisiones que se utilizan como herramientas sociales de control empezó en Estados Unidos en respuesta a las organizaciones nacionalistas revolucionarios que ganaron una tremenda popularidad a finales de 1960s y 1970s. Y para mantener control de las masas de este movimiento revolucionario, Estados Unidos optó por utilizar policías y prisiones.

Entre los años 1961 y 1968, la población de reos disminuyó al punto más bajo desde los años 1920s. Del 1968 al 1972 el ritmo de encarcelamiento subió despacio. Sin embargo, a principios de 1974 después del punto más alto de la organización revolucionaria en este país, hubo un aumento increíble en las tasas de encarcelamiento. COINTELPRO fue dirigida contra las organizaciones revolucionarias, como lo son las Panteras Negras (Black Panther Party) y los Estado Unidos empezó sistemáticamente a encerrar o a asesinar a gente que trataba de pelear en contra de la opresión. Casi 150,000 personas fueron encarceladas en sólo 8 años – esto demuestra que el gobierno teme a los revolucionarios.(10)

Al mismo tiempo, hubo un movimiento anti prisión que crecía y el gobierno se aseguró de erradicar y desaparecerlo. El libro "Soledad Brother", de George Jackson, que salió en el año 1970 fue un gran acusación en contra de la opresión hacia las colonias internas. Al siguiente año fue asesinado.

El arresto desproporcionado, el encarcelamiento y persecución de las naciones oprimidas no paró en los años 1970s. Hoy continua. Las semi colonias internas están posicionadas para sostener su estado de subyugación. Y es cuando las naciones oprimidas se juntan y se organizan el gobierno Amerikkkano ataca como un perro rabioso.

Lecciones Para nuestro trabajo

Entender el sistema de injusticia es de mucha importancia para desarrollar un método y la estructura para resistir la red de prisiones. Por eso, es tan necesario entender que las prisiones son operaciones de pérdida de dinero para el gobierno, y localizar la política de encarcelamiento en masa, sólo para poder controlar a las naciones opresas.

Si, nos enfocamos en el rol de las prisiones para tener control social, podremos darnos cuenta de la verdadera razón del porqué existe el vasto sistema de injusticia criminal Amerikkkano. El exponer esta información ayuda a que la gente entienda que tan desesperado estaba el gobierno de U.$. en los años 1970s cuando encaraban el gran movimiento nación revolucionario. Y el gobierno aún le teme a alejarse de esta solución de encarcelamiento.

Esto nos dice que aún le temen a las naciones oprimidas, y que no les importa llevarse entre las patas a cuanta gente blanca, en esta locura de encarcelamientos.

Como el control social está manejando el sistema de prisiones Amerikkkanas, deberíamos enfocarnos en organizar nuestro trabajo exactamente alrededor de lo que el gobierno teme::Organizar a los que están siendo controlados. Hay que escoger nuestras batallas para exponer las partes del sistema que sabemos que son vulnerables: le temen a la educación revolucionaria (censura, prohibición de grupos de estudio), le temen a la organización (reglas en contra de grupos), y le temen a la unión pacifica más que todo (por eso provocan peleas, grupos en contra de grupos). Nosotros podemos construir esta unión propagando nuestro análisis sobre la raíz y meta del sistema de injusticias criminal. Todos esos que somos el objetivo del control social deberíamos inspirarnos y juntarnos para ir en contra de este sistema.

Notas: 1. Correctional Populations in the United States 2015, 29 de diciembre, 2016, Bureau of Justice Statistics ( 2. Justice Expenditure and Employment Extracts, 2012 - Preliminary, Bureau of Justice Statistics, 26 de febrero 2015. 3. See Under Lock & Key No. 55 "Labor Aristocracy and White Nationalism Benefit from Prisons, not Private Corporations." 4. Correctional Populations, BJS 5. Prisoners in 2015, Bureau of Justice Statistics, diciembre 2016. 6. Ibid. 7. Jail Inmates at Midyear 2014, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Junio 2015. 8. Mass Incarceration: A Destroyer of People of Color and Their Communities, by Jamaal Bell, Huffington Post, 17 de mayo 2010. 9. There is a stunning gap between the number of white and black inmates in America's prisons, Business Insider Deutschland. 10. Prisoners 1925-81, Bureau of Justice Statistics.
[Abuse] [High Desert State Prison] [Nevada]

HDSP NV De-habilitation Program

I have served nearly 25 years prison/jail time in the United States. In fact, all but a small portion of my adult life has been spent behind bars. My California tour includes Chino, Soledad, Solano, Calipatria and Donovan. In Nevada: Southern Desert, Lovelock, Ely and, yes, Hight Desert State Prison (HDSP). As you can probably imagine, violence and drugs are common fare in most of these institutions. And while a few of these places were just plain filthy, others simply stagnate with the decay of deliberate indifference. I've done "hole-time" in all of them and certainly thought I'd seen it all.

Boy was I wrong.

Let me spell it out for you: B.M.U. (Behavioral Management Unit). Described by COs, Medical Staff and other institutional employees as the "Zombie Unit," the "Weirdo Pod," the "Freak Show," the "Psych Ward," and "Behavioral Mismanagement" and affectionately referred to by the prisoners as the "Beat-a-Motherfucker-Up" Unit at HDSP.

Absolutely and without a doubt, the worst of the worst. In the short time, 90 days, that I've been here within this restrictive unit I've witnessed unchecked violence, coercion, extortion, drug abuse, overdoses, 3 attempted suicides and "senior" officers feeding prisoners food which had fallen on the filthy unit floor before being placed on the serving trays and given to prisoners.

The most disturbing incident, by far, occurred on 24 December 2017, this past Christmas Eve, when an emotionally wrought prisoner, was locked in the shower for approximately 4 hours after stating to staff that he was having suicidal thoughts. During this time the prisoner was slamming his own head against the metal grating. I witnessed the COs laughing and encouraging the prisoner to bang his head harder and advising him to use the tiled wall at the back of the shower stating, "Bang it against the tiles, they're harder." By the time medical staff did arrive the prisoner was a bloody mess.

According to the HDSP BMU Manual: "The Behavior Modification Unit (BMU) will house inmates who have been housed in segregation for 90 days or longer, to assist in the reintegration into a lower custody level."

How I ended up here isn't much of a mystery. About 4 weeks after arriving at HDSP, while I was still in the "Fish Tank" I made the mistake of telling the case worker that I was appealing my jury conviction and needed request forms for the law library. At which point I was advised that I was being "sent to BMU." From that moment on, all access to the legal materials I require for my case have been denied despite numerous verbal and written grievances. In fact I spent the first 9 weeks in BMU confined in my cell without so much as a book to read. My only contact with the administration was the initial interview with the token mental health worker who advised me that "this rehabilitation program is the warden's baby."

Well, I'm here to tell you that as a person who struggles with PTSD, the constant and continuous confinement to a cell without any mental stimulation whatsoever can be devastating to an person's mental health and psyche. While confined in this unit I have experienced an increase in PTSD symptoms, ten times the frequency that is usual for me. Furthermore, I found it extremely unsettling that after completing the program, as a "graduation present," I was escorted into a small room filled with BMU staff members where I was threatened, berated, belittled and finally told to just "Get the Fuck Out."

I'm not sure what to expect next. The lack of access and communication with the outside, the restricted closed custody level 4 housing, the refusal on the administration's part to answer or address any grievance combined with limited family contact by phone has reduced me to an uncertain, fearful, panicky, hopeless, helpless mess. And, by the way, I have absolutely zero disciplinary history. Not a single "write up" for anything.

Fortunately another prisoner gave me your Under Lock & Key pamphlet. Hopefully you can get the word out on this de-habilitation program and the warden's dirty little secret.

MIM(Prisons) responds: These dangerous and abusive conditions at HDSP expose the Amerikan prison system for its complete lack of rehabilitation. If the criminal injustice system really believed that prisons are an effective tool to prevent crime, it would not put people in conditions that make their survival on the streets nearly impossible. It would be offering programs to help people learn and change their behavior, and prepare them for life outside. This is just one of the reasons we see the Amerikan criminal injustice system as primarily a tool of social control.

[Abuse] [Ellis Unit] [Texas]

Bad Water and Cussing Guards

Our water is bad. I'm writing you for help with a problem we have here on the Ellis Unit. I've written the Justice Department and they wrote baack, saying that that forward my complaint to EPA (environmental protection agency). Now those people haven't told me anything. How do i further my complaint? Also we have a problem with officers cussing out the inmates. Grievances don't work on this unit all grievances are answered the same way, the officers lie they way out of every situation. Please let me hear some feedback from you that can help me. These conditions are nearly impossible to live with and need addressing now!

[Abuse] [Victoria County Jail] [Texas]

Witnessing Abuse has a Domino Effect

7 May 2018 - At the present time, I remain to be still assigned to the Wynne Unit in Huntsville, where the following took place 29 July 2017 and and where continued general mistreatments are being concealed under Sr. Warden Kelly Strong's dehumanizing leadership. The events I am about to describe are completely true and have been documented by the grievance department here on unit - it's the most they are good for, and merely one element of many departments that are a part of the in-house investigation manipulation process.

The ordeal actually started before I even realized it myself. And please note, all dates mentioned here may not be actual dates. I had my date book mysteriously come up missing here recently after cell search.

On 13 July 2017 myself and others witnessed gang intel. Sgt. Marquez physically attack some unknown handcuffed inmate, and to be completely honest I had no intentions of grieving the matter. But, all that changed 2 days later on 15 July 2017.

I was stopped in the exact same hallway by the same Sgt. Marquez and directly threatened that she would "cause [me] harm" if I "got in her business" and that her "word is good." I knew she had seen me in the dayroom window for sure and I didn't say a word as she walked away and I contemplated my faith.

On 17 July 2017, unknown to other inmates, I seriously felt compelled to attempt to take action and so I wrote and submitted a I-127 Step 1 grievance detailing what I witnessed and the threatening verbal message directed at me by Sgt. Marquez. Now exactly 14 days later, after being confonted and threatened, I was physically attacked during 3rd shift in the same hallway by officers Steven Tamez and B. Thorshov around 2:30 am, returning from a very unusually late medical satefy meeting for maybe 50 or more inmates.

Sgt. Marquez wasn't around and it's sad that conspiracy is hard to prove. During the course of being assaulted, I attempted to defend myself which is still my constitutional right with minimal force. And I was no doubt in a situation of imminent danger of bodily injury.

I was wrestled to the ground once other officers arrived, and then placed in handcuffs. No sooner than the cuffs were secured while laying on the floor, officers S. Tamez and B. Thorshov hit me with radios, handcuffs, and the injuries were my left eye bursted open, wounds to the top of my head, right hand and shoulder. Then refused medical treatment a few hours and later seen by a male nurse who refused (ER) treatment, merely given bandages. July 31, 2017 I was merely taken to speak to a Dr. T. Hall who never got up to physically examine me, he did order order x-rays and I had some of the x-rays finally done August 25, 2017.

From the morning of July 29, 2017, I was placed in a cell on prehearing with no lights. I guess where other people couldn't see me and to limit my sight even more, I couldn't stand much light to my eye. For maybe a week and a 1/2 I didn't have any property of mine, but I managed to secure a I-60 requesting to be interviewed & given a lie detector test on August 3, 2017, never a response. I finally got a grievance form and submitted it August 7 and remember the grievance dropped on Sgt. Marquez, I got that returned the next day (8-8-17) and its response was "No substantial evidence could be found to support my claim of misconduct & and that no 3rd party can witness a incident, this office will consider this issue closed."

Everyone and anyone know that U.O.F. paperwork was done to cover her wrong. I never got a response to letters going to disabled sister and daughter that was mailed out Aug. 11 or 12, 2017 til around Sept. 1, 2017 and only after I went out by another name and number. My first grievance concerning matters, I informed administration that I feared further harassment, retaliation and that my life was in danger. Also that these prisons are employed by people who are blood relations, old school mates, friends of friends and sometimes intimately, and for these reasons I requested to be transferred to another unit to deter any direct or indirect transgressions towards my physical wellness or mental health. Yet, my direct pleas to my oppressors were no good.

On Sept. 7, 2017. I was released amd reassigned to med. custody and once 3rd. shift arrived, so did my attacker who refused to allow my cellmate and me out the cell for breakfast and refuse me a medical appointment, not just one night but 2 morning in a row. I wrote & submitted a grievance and there's cameras everywhere but the hallways. The administration continues to refuse to transfer, I have been given writeups for talking in hallway to other officer, locked-up for for not allowing another attacker to pat search me when another officer was available to conduct pat search, I seen officer Thorshov pointing me out to the same Sgt. Schmidt who wrote up for talking in hall to another officer.

During the manipulation of in house investigation, almost every officer who knows me by face were asking "why did I do it?" Word had been circulated I was the aggressor and they ran with it. And some officers are leery around me, a set up. There was a assoc. of state rep. Eric Johnson's called the unit on behalf and Warden Strong informed her and my sister that "I was a bad actor and deserved what I got." This was indirectly admitting these unlawful acts under color of state law. I never got a u.o.f. physical until Oct. 3, 2017 once someone called in here from Mr. Johnson's and they were to cover a bases and its still no u.o.f. statement from me that day or any other nowhere! Yes, I did have a number of witnesses to my to my being attacked as well as others here and the administration is keeping these attacks under wraps here.

On unit, most our grievances are not allowed go off unit as step 2's are suppose to. So our complaints are mostly never heard beyond the unit, generally officers do as they want and lie later. Disciplinary is a big joke cause the (DHO) will allow officers to change up they're written or/and verbal statements during the hearing and even the subcounsel who is to defend us at hearings advocate for the officers cause and never question our violated due process, everyone eats off the same plate.

I seriously feel that we prisoners in Texas and elsewhere should have outside independent oversight committees for a number of functions. In order to bring about real justice to a real injustice system there must be some real change! The people become aware that their tax dollars are being used to promote open but hidden oppression. The 70 & early 80's were killing grounds and its seriously not that way here on the Wynne Unit but, officials are presenting us in this light falsely by rationalizing to the general public & here most recently to the media a few weeks ago. Ms. Strong, put a extreme political twist to manipulate some of her subordinates, her superiors and the voters of Texas.

Recent hungre strike took place due to the general mistreatments under her leadership and the subhuman conditions. We were actually placed on lockdown status we (50 or more) witnessed another inmate being physically attacked by officers and some us were written bogus cases due to us seeing what happened and officials decided to use this opportunity to lock us down and discredit these statements that was turned in opposing their actions. Then we were further oppressed once the Warden (Strong) unleashed the G.I. Sgt. Marquez where was allowed take radio, hot pots or whatever and then a (one) bag of waste wrapped-up in a bag on the runway where someone who ware a sh— bag discarded it, medical don't pick them up, they started our 30 day lock down ever.

After Strong misled the media to thinking inmates were causing disruptions, attacking staff and throwing waste to justify her actions, she left 1/2 of us up off lockdown to cause more strife but no-one went that messy stuff. I guess I should save something for my next report. But I am personally keeping hope alive someone who can give assistance to getting my and others attackers arrested & charged and civil rights complaints against these in & direct position and cause of official oppression under political heat and costly fines. But I been searching for legal assistance high and low. I am not a lawyer nor a politician but, I am seriously finding out that its a lot easier to obtain some legal relief for people who are not Americans. People will send a person to prison when found guilty of mistreatment animal but, turn blind eye to us humans in these prisons. I love dogs and can't wait to me another one and those who are people mistreated all over the earth, I feel that pain in this U.S. prison.

We/me need legal help so would you please post this for help on your website or facebook page and allow our voice to be heard, please!

I ain't no bad actor as falsely promoted, I am/we are people who made mistakes as humans do and need someone or a few to open their hearts and understand we can't do this alone, we outside help. I guess I can be contacted direct here and remember the worse thing to do Nothing! IN closing, the Bro. who sent encouragement to me via "Under Lock & Key" I seriously thank you for your article "Successes Against Retaliation" Nov. 2017, I love man and I hope others here, there and everywhere got your vibes...Til next "ULK" keep on spreading the word that oppression under these conditions are unjust condition around the world- Peace!


Suicide on the Rise

From the beginning of April up until now, there have been three suicides and two suicide attempts at the East Arkansas Regional Unit in our Max Facility. I myself have not yet been sent to the hole so I cannot give a hands-on experience on how people are treated, but I can attest to how people look once they come out after a period of time. One of my Muslims is the most buffed up person in this unit, but after a month and half of being confined he looks as if he hasn't eaten or exercised in months, and he's NOT the only individual that looks this way. Others come out looking sick and malnourished. Brothers are saying some days they go without showers, are left in their pads with the heat up especially around this time of year where temperatures are steadily rising, and their grievances are naturally being ignored. This led many to act out by flooding their cells with their own feces and urine. For others in what has in the past been worst cases, but now in the last month; brothers are taking the suicide route.

What's both sad and suspicious about these suicides is that the individuals attempting, and/or committing suicide are NOT lifers, however individuals who are seen bound to go home. At this time rumors are surfacing that were maybe officers involved with these sudden deaths. Whether true, or not brothers are dying. This has caused the officers to finally start doing their routine security checks which they've not done regularly until these events started taking place. It's sad brothers have to die just so staff can finally start doing their jobs correctly .

[Abuse] [Florida]

Polk County Jail starving prisoners

I read an article that was published in your paper Feb, 2018 about how sheriffs profit by starving Prisoners. Well, I got you one to look into. The only problem is any time the Fed’s have gone to check into him, somehow he gets tipped off. His name is Grady Judd and I was a inmate at his Jail for 8 months in 2007 and if I would not have had money, I would have starved to death like most of them do here. The inmates will hurry to sign a plea agreement so they can either go on probation or to prison so they will get a decent meal, you can get fed better at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter. I have met another inmate that just left the Polk County Jail and has informed me that it has gotten worse in 2017-2018.

What does he do with the tax payer’s dollars? He does not feed their families that are locked up in his Jail. We would like to know why his website says he feeds one thing but that does not show up on the trays. Put a plant inside and he or she would be able to do a great article on it.

Monday Breakfast:
Piece of bolone
Piece of bread
Powder milk

Monday lunch:
Bologna sandwich

Monday Supper:
Chicken gravy with no chicken

Tuesday Breakfast:
Meat flavored gravy with biscuit
Powder milk

Tuesday Lunch:
Chicken salad
Cold Bean

Tuesday Supper:
Mashed potato with Emoro pattie or? Spaghetti

Wednesday Breakfast:
Piece of Bolone
Piece of Bread
Powder milk

Wednesday lunch:
Bologna sandwich

Wednesday Supper:
Macaroni and hot dog
Corn, green beans
1 piece of Bread

Thursday Breakfast:
Grits/Apple Sauce
Egg patti/Bologna
1 Piece bread
Powder milk

Thursday lunch:
Ham salad sandwich
Cold beans

Thursday supper:
Burrito and rice
Or Egg roll and rice

Friday Breakfast:
(SOS Tuesday)
Meat flavored gravy with biscuit
Powder milk

Friday lunch:
Bologna Sandwich

Friday supper:
Ham sandwich no cheese

SATURDAY and Sunday on Tray paper

PS Polk County also charges a $39.00 book in fee to pay for your underwear and hygiene kit, but you are not getting the underwear and cannot keep your own. More tax money missing. What is he doing with it?

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